How to buy and Sell a Summoners War account online

Guide for Summoners War Game

Unfortunately for Summoners War fans, the app isn’t nearly as popular as many other games like Clash of Clans. However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t accounts and extras available for you to download that will make the game more exciting, if that’s your desire. Ebay is one of the most popular locations to buy and sell accounts online for nearly any game. Now Ebay doesn’t exactly allow digital items as auctions, but there is a workaround by adding a physical item to auction that can actually be shipped along with the account details; that means your actually selling something and then simply giving away your account as an additional bonus to the auction winner.

Now you can find these Summoners War accounts on Ebay by simply going to, and searching for “Summoners War account” and then seeing what’s available in the listings. You can sort your listings by auction instead of buy it now to find the items that actually have value, and then even sort by active auctions to see what items of value people are currently bidding on. The ones with 0 bids or have a fixed price are usually not nearly as special as those items and accounts people are bidding for to win.

There are currently a few listings available specifically for the Summoners War app, but only two that are selling an actual account. The good news though is that while Clash of Clans accounts can sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars, most of the accounts for this game you can buy for a few dozen dollars, with the most expensive being an ioS / Android account as a $50 dollar buy-it-now item.

Should you even buy a Summoners War account, or just play the game?

We strongly urge that instead of simply skipping all of the “hard work” associated with playing Android games and simply buying an advanced account;

we instead recommend that you spend the time and actually play the game and enjoy the awesome game-play that developers created; because isn’t that the whole point?

None-the-less, we wanted to give those of your with extra money in your bank account a way to skip of the sometimes monotonous game-play and the developing your skills and characters, to be able to jump right into battle with high-level heroes.

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