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Elune Saga is the latest role-playing game from GAMEVIL who is currently leading as one of the top developers on the Google play store. This game has only been released into the market for a short time, but has already gained a huge following with over 1 million installs and nearly 40,000 ratings.

The game Elune Saga was last updated on April 28, 2015. In this most recent update the developers made a few different tweaks and changes to the overall user experience. These changes were revamping the main screen to give it a new and fresh look. Some and points were also added in a new system as well as the stamina multiplier. This brings the game into version 1.2.3 and as of this date overall rating for the game’s 4.0 star from 100,000 players.

If you’re already a fan of this developers many role-playing games that they already have released onto the android market, then you’re sure to love Elune Saga as well. It has lots of features that make it unique in an original RPG game that should be ahead as he gains more popularity and momentum among android gamers.

The strategic gameplay for Elune Saga allows you to take control of the four elements including earth, wind, fire and water. There is also tons of various content that’s already available with more on the way, some of this content includes various arenas that you can do battle in and dungeons, player versus player mode and various adventures that you can go on either alone or with your friends.

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Elune Saga user reviews and ratings

The latest batch of reviews for Elune Saga are fairly mixed, but it appears that the small majority are leaning towards one into stars. Because this game is fairly new has only been updated one time, which is likely the reason for the many bugs and errors that are still around.

As we already mentioned, Elune Saga has already been installed by over 1 million people and currently holds a 3.8 rating out of five stars. If you’re not familiar with many android games, they usually start out with various bugs and issues until the developer has time and the ability to test and fix those bugs and issues in the first few updates.

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It seems like the biggest majority of problems stem from players not able to even join a game. One user had said that it won’t play now and the update messed up their game which they were able to previously play. Someone else said that they are constantly crashing and that the game doesn’t work for them currently. To these the developer has responded and said that they are aware of many of the issues and their working towards a resolution.

Now the most recent update for Elune Saga was the developers already fixing crash issues as well as bug fixes and many other improvements which were sure will fix a lot of the problems users are currently having. Because this was last updated just a few days ago, then it’s not fair to expect the developer to have to focus solely on this one game while they have lots of other games released that also need updates, so we greatly recommend that you be patient and wait for the next update before you try playing this game.

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How to download and play Elune Saga on your PC computer:

Did you know you can also download this game to your PC computer using a free mobile app player such as BlueStacks? Well now you do, because BlueStacks is a free android emulator that gives you access to all of your favorite Android games and apps directly on your computer. You can accomplish this by visiting the blue stacks homepage and downloading the mobile app player from their homepage, and uninstalling it onto your computer.

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Once you have blue stacks installed an open, you will then be able to simply run a search for many of your favorite android games and apps that are downloadable for free, unless otherwise specified. You be able to log into your Google place store account and synchronize all of your games that you currently have installed on your phone and play them directly on your big screen computer, it’s definitely worth it if you haven’t tried before.


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