Voice Changer With Effects Free Download for PC

Voice Changer With Effects Features

A voice changer allows you to change your voice to sound like almost anything you like.

With the Voice Changer With Effects app, you are given the opportunity to record your voice with any effects and then play it back to listen to what your recorded.

You can also even share the recordings with your friends by sending it to them using Whatsapp.

Here are some of the effects that are packaged with this voice changer app:

• Helium
• Giant
• Robot
• Big robot
• Cave
• Backwards
• Monster
• Telephone
• Nervous
• Cathedral
• Drunk
• Squirrel
• Darth Vader
• Alien
• Grand Canyon
• Fan
• Devil
• Child
• Sheep
• Overlord
• Small alien
• Megaphone
• Death
• Dizzy

Some other great features of the free Voice Changer With Effects app is that you can save the audio to your SD card, create images with sounds and then send it to your Facebook page and even set the audio file as your ringtone or phone notification.

Voice Changer With Effects Reviews

Voice Changer With Effects features

The Voice Changer With Effects app got great reviews from all around the world. Samantha said that she loves the app because it allows her to record anything she wants and then set it as her ringtone on her smartphone.

Another user name Alex said that the app was fun to play with because of all the different voices and effects you can apply. He was easily able to make his friends laugh and scare people over the phone using a scary voice.

How to Download Voice Changer With Effects for Computer

To download Voice Changer With Effects, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to bluestacks.com and download their free mobile app player from the homepage.
  2. Search for Voice Changer when you open bluestacks and click the correct app.
  3. Install the app and then click open to begin using it.