Recent update for clumsy ninja game

Updates for Clumsy Ninja APP

Clumsy Ninja is a game that is available for Android and apple via the iTunes app store. This game was developed by Natural Motion Games and released on the Google play store. The developers last updated this game on November for 2014. The latest update for Clumsy Ninja lets you pinch and zoom your photos as well, so they essentially added more interactive features that you could use on the app. This update now give fans more support for various phones and tablets that were not previously working.

Clumsy Ninja family games

As an app on the Google play store it is doing a great job with over 400,000 ratings, 300k of those being 5 star ratings and only 30k in 1 star ratings. While the developer Natural Motion Games has only a few games available on the market, they have already gained a top developer status on the Android Google play store with some of the popular games such as CSR racing and CSR classics.

They also advertise the Clumsy Ninja game as being feature in Google play’s best games of 2014. Things to take note about clumsy ninja is that it requires an Android device using an OS of 2.3 and higher. Clumsy Ninja is a game that is free to play and download, there are additional in game items that can be purchased using real money. You can do this by connecting your google play account to your Paypal or credit card account. If you would like to prevent unauthorised purchases you can simply set or change your pin number using the Google play settings menu and then enable that pan to use for purchases which will be required before buying anything from the Google play store. That way if you lose your phone or let someone else you that they cannot purchase items using your credit card to Paypal account without your permission or pin code.

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