Trivia Crack Game – Download, Install & Play App on Windows Computer

Trivia Crack is a game that was made available on the Google play store of the Android Market by an application developer who goes by the name of Etermax.

This app was last updated on January 8, 2015 where the developers made various bug fixes after upgrading to version 1.9.4. This new version of Trivia Crack brought in new items into the store as well is endless lies and a 5-life limit and now you can even watch a video to earn a free life.

How to Download and play Trivia Crack on your desktop PC computer:

If you’d like to download and play Trivia Crack on your desktop PC computer, you’re going to need to install a free android app player such as the one called BlueStacks. It’s a quick and easy process you can start out by going to and downloading their free mobile app player from their homepage and uninstalling it to your computer before launching a for the first time from your desktop or program files.

After you have BlueStacks installed an open, it will likely ask you to log into your Google play store account to be able to sync all of your games from your android smartphone and tablet. After your logged then you’ll be able to run a search for Trivia Crack by clicking the magnifying glass and top left corner of the program. Simply type in Trivia Crack into the search box and hit enter to run a search on the Google play store, and then open up the game that’s free to play. After you open the game’s official app page simply click the green install button to begin downloading the game to the BlueStacks app player.

Trivia Crack Game

Download, Install & Play App on Windows Computer

Whenever the game is finished installing, the green open button will appear in place of the green install button then you’ll be able to click it to launch the game directly from the BlueStacks mobile app player. Trivia Crack will then open up and you’ll be able to play on your big screen computer and set of your tiny smart phone screen.

So Trivia Crack is one most popular android games on the Google play store right now with over 50 million installs and a huge fan base that continues to play the game with their friends and online to help improve not only their memory but their intelligence by learning about new topics and subjects that they would otherwise never be associated with.

One of the greatest things about Trivia Crack is that you can play this game against people from all around the world internationally and even against your friends right down the street from your house.

Download and play Trivia Crack on your desktop PC computer

Download and install Trivia Crack on your android smartphone or tablet

Download and install Trivia Crack on your android smartphone or tablet

The process for downloading and installing Trivia Crack on your android smartphone or tablet or any other device is similar to the want to install it on your desktop PC computer, because all you have to do is launched the Google play store from your android device, and then find a place where you can search for Trivia Crack. Then after finding the correct game you simply open it up and click the install button to begin downloading the game to your device before your able to play it from your application list.

So what are the some of the great features that make Trivia Crack such a popular game? Well for one your able to share achievements with your friends to be able to show off some of your greatest scores. You can also use strategy to be able to conquer and defeat your opponents by choosing the correct questions and making educated guesses whenever you’re not sure what the correct answer is. Another awesome feature in addition to this game that’s not available in a similar games is that you get live chat with your friends and opponents, which means that you can make jokes about some of the questions that you missed and be able to simply talk about anything you want while you play game against each other and see who’s the smartest one of all, but the game doesn’t have to be competitive at all and you can play just for fun as well.

Trivia Crack is split up into six different categories including Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History. That means that as soon as you choose your category your able to answer questions for that specific category and be able to focus on subjects that you already know about, or perhaps focus on subjects that you have the a little knowledge about to that you can improve your intelligence in that area. The game is won by being able to answer all six questions in each category, and you can also give the wheel is spent by letting it decide which category you get for you.

Trivia Crack is mostly played in English for people living in the United States

While Trivia Crack is mostly played in English for people living in the United States and the United Kingdom, is also available in many other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Catalan, and the application developer said that new at languages are being added regularly as they are developed and created by the application developers.

Trivia Crack and been reviewed and rated by 3 million people now and currently holds a rating of 4.5 stars out of five, with over 2 million five-star ratings compared to the 91,000 one star ratings, a huge advantage. The game has also been reviewed by many people and we can sort it by either helpfulness or the new latest reviews to see if there any current bugs are issues that you should know about.

To start off with helpfulness reviews, people are giving a mixed section of reviews where they are saying that one of the issues that they are having is said that when they play the challenge mode, following the last question and add comes up and after they hit skip it takes them back to the first question, which makes all the other questions that they’ve already answered useless. Another person said that there are no question varieties and that 75% of the questions are either about art or entertainment, so that if you’re not good at those then you should bother playing because you’re going to not do very well, we personally haven’t noticed this problem but apparently some people are having and we felt that it might be right to share with you.

People who were giving the game five-star rating said that they love the game and that it’s a lot of fun to play even though there are a lot of repeat questions. She also said that it would be nice to not have the lives portion of the game because they are not a fan of those and that they don’t need them to play the games that there already playing with their friends.

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