The top 10 free strategy games for the Android in 2014

Top Free Strategy Games and Apps in 2014

1. Clash of Gangs

Clash of Gangs is currently the best free strategy game on the Google play store. It’s a fairly new game released by IGG.COM who is quickly growing into one of the top developers on the Android marketplace. They have many other popular titles such as Castle Clash and Clash of Lords. Since its release it has gotten an overall rating of 4.4 stars with close to 150,000 total ratings. In the latest update, Clash of Gangs was given improvements to make the users experience much better.

clash of clans top strategy game

2. Gods Rush

Gods Rush is another game developed by IGG which was only recently released and has quickly made its way to hold the second place as one of the most popular strategy games for smart phones. The game has been reviewed as being an easy to play and a fun game that you don’t have to spend hours on advancing, though you can certainly play it for hours or days straight and still have something fun to do. Gods Rush got a rating of 4.6 stars by its users.

Gods Rush free strategy game

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Demo

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Demo was developed by someone using the name Scott Cawthon. Scott is a unique developer and if you took a look at the games and apps that he’s released, you would quickly assume he’s an internet troll. With titles like Fart Hotel and Kitty in the Crowd, it appears that he’s found a style that he likes and he’s sticking to it even though some of his games only have a few hundred downloads. Although this one was only a demo, it still got reviews like BEST HORROR GAME EVER and an impressive rating of 4.3 stars.

4. Clash of Clans

If you know anything about strategy games on mobile phones, then chances are you’ve come across the Clash of Clans franchise held by the infamous Supercell. This game is hands-down one of the most downloaded and highest earning apps on the market today, and will probably hold the second title for some time to come. Supercell only has a few games, with the latest game Boom Beach released not too long ago. They have reported revenues of around 1 billion dollars for the year of 2013 and this game specifically has over 50 million installs with 4.6 stars out of five.

Clash of Clans free strategy games

5. Game of War – Fire Age

Game of War – Fire Age was a creation of Machine Zone, Inc. Although this is their only game on the Android market, it still made quite a bang when it was released late this year and gained a huge fanbase of over 10 million people from around the globe. The game currently boasts a 4.2 rating with over 300,000 five-star ratings and is continually surprising us with its stats.

6. King’s Empire

King’s Empire is a game by tap4fun, another top developer for the Google play store. This strategy game has 4.1 stars out of five on the market and continually comes out with new content and updates. Recently there were 3 new Dragon Runes added in Ayres as well as new maps and bugs being fixed. There are over 4 million players on this game and the features keep improving.

7. Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor was also developed by tap4fun like King’s Empire. This game allows you to take control of a huge army and go around the world conquering your enemies and taking over empires to become the king of all the lands. It’s quite a fast-paced game and keeps your attention if you’re into this style of gamplay. There are over 100k five-star ratings and an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

8. Battle Glory

Battle Glory is an interesting new strategy game that has been warmly picked up by war enthusiasts and Android lovers the same. The amount of people who play it isn’t huge yet, but the combat in this game is fun and exciting and will give you hours of fun casual play. This one received 4.3 stars out of five.

9. Castle Clash

Castle Clash seems like the oldest game on the list and is another IGG creation. It has over 2 million ratings and has held its position in the top 10 best games in the US for quite some time now. This strategy game has an amazing rating of 4.6 stars, the closest to five stars we’ve seen yet for a strategy game, though it’s still tied with Clash of Clans on that one. The latest update added in new heroes as well as Halloween decorations for your characters.

10. Star Wars: Commander

The Star Wars: Commander is an app created by Disney. It’s probably one of the funnest Star Wars apps we’ve played thus far on the Android platform and despite being released just recently, it already has over 1 million downloads and a 4.2 star rating from 275,000 users. The latest update added new game modes as well as campaigns and units.

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