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Wish is an app that was developed by a top developer on the Google play store called Wish. They have two other apps on the Google play store as well that you may have heard of before called Geek – Smarter Shopping and Mama – Thoughtful. You can check both of them out by searching for those titles on the Android marketplace.

The app Wish brings you a shopping experience that is made fun. That is why the app is titled Wish – Shopping Made Fun. It currently has a 4.4 star rating on the Google play store from over 1 million ratings. The app itself has been installed well over 10 million times and it is one of the most popular shopping apps on the Android marketplace that you can download.

A 4.4 star rating from over 750,000 players is a huge and well above average rating. So you should definitely install the app if you’re looking for one in this category.

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Ratings and Reviews online on the Google play store

“A long time for delivery”

The Wish App ReviewsUsers who left reviews about this app said that sometimes it takes a long time for delivery. One user named John said that he finally got his laser pointer after ordering it nearly 3 months ago. He said that he did gets a message about his order in that is explained to him that it would take a while because is coming from China and have to go through customs, but aside from waiting for quite some time he was pleased that he made the order.

“Addiction warning”

Another user named Brenton said that this game should come with an addiction warning. Although he hasn’t received anything that he ordered yet because he just download the app, he said that it works very well and that he enjoys using it and thinks he’s going to be using and a lot in the future.

Another user named Angelica left a review and said that she has bought a few things from the app but she also said that you never know what to expect with items that you ordered most of the time because it often doesn’t look like the pictures that show it, and it often takes months to even get the item into your hands.

The mobile app developers for the app Wish – Shopping Made Fun last made an update on April 10, 2015. This brings the app into its current version of 3.11.6 and changes lots of the user interface and makes improvements and fixes throughout the game to hopefully help improve your experience using this app.

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