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The Hunger Games Panem Rising Features

The Hunger Games Panem Rising is a free app that was recently made available for download from the Google play store. It’s the official app for The Hunger Games movie and part one in the series that will be released in later time.

If you’re a fan of the popular movie, then chances are you’ll find some enjoyment in this game. You are made the leader of the resistance and have to form a team to rebel against the capital and help Katniss Everdeen recapture Panem.

Inside Panem Rising you have all of your favorite characters from the movie who you can take along for the ride as you explore the interesting Panem districts. You can also collect different resources that will help you grow stronger and train your rebels before attacking. You get lots of different functions like skill levels, equipment, tools and abilities you can learn to make your squad the best it can possibly be.

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Reviews and Updates (3.9 stars)

So this app has gotten 3.9 stars from real players around the globe and fans of the movie or novel. That’s not a real impressive score, but we hope that the developers will take what users are saying and improve on the game in upcoming updates.

So lots of people said that the game was great and it got a large majority of five-star reviews. Those who loved the game said that it’s great and that they love to play it in their free time. Those who didn’t enjoy it as much were complaining about in-game purchases to get enlisting pins as well as how boring it is and that they wished for a more interactive gameplay style.

If you like this game, you might also enjoy playing Brave Frontier.

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How to Download and Play The Hunger Games Panem Rising

If you’re interested in playing this game on your desktop computer, you’re going to need to use a program like BlueStacks. It’s essentially a free mobile app player that will give you access to the Google play store and the games and apps on the Android market.

  1. Start by downloading and installing BlueStacks software on your PC. For a full guide make sure to visit our Download BlueStacks page.
  2. Click the search icon in the top left of your screen and type in “The Hunger Games Panem Rising”
  3. Select install game and wait for it to finish. You will get a notification from the BlueStacks icon in your system tray, click it once it pops up to launch the game.

Hopefully that works for you guys. If it did, you can thank us by giving us a +1 or like down below, we really appreciate it!

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