Read a review of the free Talking Tom Cat 2 virtual pet game

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free is a game developed by the all-too-popular Outfit7 developers. They are responsible for many of our favorite free virtual pet games. This one specifically is the sequel to the first version, which got double the amount of downloads.

In Talking Tom Cat 2 you get some new features that weren’t seen in the first edition. There are cool new locations like Tom’s new apartment, where in the other game he was in an alley wall on the street. There are also new features like pillow smashes, farts and exploding bags, which we’re not exactly sure what they are yet, but I’m sure they will give you at least a few minutes of laughs and fun.

If you’d like to try the original version of this game, check out the old My Talking Tom game.

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The mini-games are also a great way to enjoy Talking Tom Cat 2 and earn extra gold coins in the process. With the new version of this game, you can now record videos of what your pet is doing and then share them online with your friends or others via YouTube and  Facebook.

Talking Tom Cat 2 App Reviews

This game was installed over 100 million times and has gotten a host of reviews from real people with real problems. Fortunately though, it doesn’t seem like there are too many problems to talk about, and the large majority of the reviews are 4 or 5 stars complimenting the game. One user named William said that his daughter said it was the best game ever, and because it’s so simple and straightforward, even young kids can enjoy the interactive gameplay.

Someone else said that outside of the mini-games, it’s a rather boring experience and gets old quickly, but before you let him decide on if you will download this game or not, we recommend you try it out for yourself, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointment!

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