Talking Ginger 2 gameplay videos on YouTube

Talking Ginger 2 is the sequel to Talking Ginger, a free virtual pet game from Outfit7 developers. It’s just one of their many talking pet games that you can download for free from the Android market. The original game has over 50 million installs compared to the 10 million that this new version has already collected. Some of the new features of the second edition include things like new puzzles and food that you can feed your talking cat.

Talking Ginger 2 Gameplay Review

Although the Talking Ginger app had 4.3 stars, this one has only 4.1 stars in ratings, but still got a huge majority of five-star ratings as opposed to the minute amount of people who gave it just 1 star. The newest reviews from gamers were fairly mixed however, which either means that they are complaining about nonsensical things or there are actually problems with the app.

Talking Ginger 2 Gameplay Trailer

Those who gave it just one or two stars said that they were having problems downloading the game as well as other issues that held them back from even wanting to download it, which you can read about in our best virtual pet games article.

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