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Is the Talking Angela app safe to download and play?

Talking Angela is an app that made it to our virtual pet games list because it has nearly 1 million ratings of 3.8 stars and was last updated in June 2014, not too recently. That doesn’t mean however that the game isn’t complete and has issues or bugs that make it unplayable.

The most recent batch of reviews however brought something uncanny up that might make you think twice about downloading this free virtual pet game. Users have said that Angela is simply crazy and if you look closely at her right eye, you can see the outline of a creepy man. Others have said that it’s a funny and cute game, but there is certainly something sketchy about this app that should make you reconsider downloading it because there are many other “friendlier” apps available like the ones in our list mentioned above. Read more..

What are the best free virtual pet games online?

When virtual and talking pet games come into the picture, there’s no developer more on top of the game than Outfit7, who has been developing their talking pet games for quite some time now and have many popular apps already released on the Android platform. This article will simply list our favorite virtual pet games with a strong emphasis on the apps from Outfit7, because they are receiving the best ratings and reviews from players.

1. My Talking Tom / Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

These two are easily the most downloaded apps in this category of games. Combined they have nearly 7 million ratings from people and probably between 300 and 500 million installs from people all around the world. They both received excellent ratings from their users with 4.4 stars overall for both apps. Read more..