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Play Taichi Panda Gameplay Videos for Tai Chi App

Taichi Panda is a popular role-playing game on the Google play store. It allows you to choose a character and be able to grow him in an effort to bring justice into the free to play online multiplayer adventure. This game includes lots of different features that you should definitely enjoy playing around with and the maps are full of three-dimensional environments.

This game allows you to enter a world full of different pandas, bandits and goblins and try to make your way throughout the map in an effort to try to survive and become the strongest and most powerful panda in the game. Read more..

Taichi Panda – How to download Taichi Panda game for PC and play online with friends

In this article we’re going to show you how to download Taichi Panda, an action game developed by Snail Games USA released onto the Google play store recently.

Taichi Panda is a unique game because it offers you real time multiplayer gameplay with your friends and strangers all around the world. This scheme your also able to grow your own character and entered them into battle.

There many more features to the Taichi Panda game including the ability to level up your character and be able to unlock new abilities that you’ve never had before. You can also upgrade your gear to be able to grow in power and even develop your pets and use them as a special battle friend and as you progress through the game and develop your skill. Read more..