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Rush of Heroes for PC Download Windows XP/7/8 & Laptop

Rush of Heroes is a role-playing game that you can download and install for your Windows PC computer or laptop.

This free game was developed by Firefly Games, who is a new developer on the Google play store. This game was just released on the Android Market and is currently only in version It brings a unique experience to Android gaming and it is being described as an action RPG game that comes along with high-quality 3D visuals and effects that will get you into interactive battles.

Gameplay and Features Online

In Rush of Heroes you get to command a team of heroes as they go on their quest to fight different monsters and battles trying to find the treasure. As you progress further and further into the game you will be able to explore and unlock hundreds of different quests in different lands as well as form guilds and teams with other players as you challenge your enemies and opponents. Read more..