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How to play Virtual Table Tennis game online for PC users

Virtual Table Tennis is a game that is available in the sports section of the Android Market. You can download and play this game for free if you have an android smart phone, tablet or even a PC computer running Windows XP, 7 or 8.

How to download and play Virtual Table Tennis on your PC computer (Windows XP, 7 & 8)

If you’re interested in downloading and playing the Virtual Table Tennis game online, you’re going to need to first install a free mobile app player such as BlueStacks. You can download BlueStacks from, and simply install their software on your PC computer. Read more..

How to download and play Order & Chaos Online for PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

Order and chaos is currently one of the most popular role-playing games online. You can download and play Order & Chaos Online on your desktop PC computer if you’re running a Windows XP, Windows 7 or even Windows 8 PC.

Download and play Order & Chaos Online for PC

In order to be able to play Order & Chaos Online your first going to need to download a free android app player from from their homepage by clicking the green download button. After you download a BlueStacks to your computer go ahead and install it, and then after launching a for the first time, you can go ahead and log into your Google play store account to sync up all your android games from your phone or tablet. Read more..

Words On Tour app is the best new free scrabble game online

Latest new free Scrabble game Words On Tour: play online with your friends

What’s going on everyone, in this article we’re going to be talking about the latest new Scrabble game that you can play online for free with your friends called Words On Tour. Words On Tour was developed by an app developing company called Zynga released into the Google play store under the word category of games.

If you’d like to download Words On Tour plan on your android phone or tablet, all you have to do is head over to the Google play store at and run a search for Words On Tour. Upon finding the correct app that she would like to download, simply click the green install button to begin installing the app before you can play it on your device. Read more..

How to download Songza and listen to free songs online

A free app on the Android Market that’s currently been trending is called Songza. This mobile app can be found in the music and audio category of the Google play store, and if you’d like to download and use it for free you can head over to and run a search for Songza.

Download Songza on your desktop PC computer

The great news is that you can download Songza on your desktop PC computer as well if you’re running a Windows XP, Windows 7 and even a Windows 8 computer by using a free mobile app player called BlueStacks. You can download BlueStacks from and then install it on your computer. Read more..

How to Download Star Wars KOTOR Game Online for PC

Star Wars KOTOR is a game that you can play online in the role-playing category of the android Google play store. If you’d like you can download this game and played on your desktop PC computer if you’re running Windows XP, Windows 7 and even Windows 8. KOTOR stands for Knights of the Old Republic.

How you can download, install and play Star Wars KOTOR on your computer using a free mobile app player

You can play Star Wars KOTOR on your PC computer using a free android app player such as BlueStacks. BlueStacks is free to download from their official homepage at After you download their app player by hitting the download button on their homepage, you should install the player to your desktop computer and launch it from your program files. Read more..

Epic Skater App – Download and Play Free Skateboarding Games Online

The game Epic Skater was released by an app developing company named Kongregate into the Google play store under the arcade category of the Android Market. You can download the Epic Skater game for your android smartphone or tablet by simply going to the Google play store and running a search for Epic Skater, and then choosing the correct game to download for free as one of the best skateboarding games currently online.

Epic Skater was last updated on December 10, 2014:

Were the app developers added in Christmas and wintertime content. This includes being able to play in new skate spots as well as snow type themes. But that wasn’t all that was in this latest update because they also added an optimization for shorter load times for those with slower phones as well as other tweaks and bug fixes along the way that people were running into and complaining about. Read more..

Stormfall Rise of Balur – Latest MMO Online Strategy Game for Android Devices

The latest strategy game from Plarium Global is by the name of Stormfall Rise of Balur. While this app has only been downloaded a few hundred thousand times, it’s only been released for a couple of days, so we still expected to pick up a lot of steam within the next couple of weeks.

Stormfall Rise of Balur brings a new experience of gameplay:

Stormfall Rise of Balur brings an entirely new experience toward gameplay and strategy games in general. It’s currently trending on the Google play store and has an impressive overall rating of 4.3 stars out of five. Your goal when playing this awesome game is that you get to play with lots of other real-world opponents to be able to become one of the strongest players online. Read more..

How to play Call of Duty Heroes game by downloading the free app online

Call of Duty Heroes game – a free online app!

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know by now, that Activision has just released a new Call of Duty game for mobile phones and tablets. The game is called Call of Duty Heroes and has already collected over a million installs in the short time that it has been available for download on the Google play Android store.

If you’re not a big fan of Call of Duty games, but enjoy playing fast paced action games where you get to build and construct buildings much like the Command and Conquer game series, then Call of Duty Heroes is the perfect game for you and we completely recommend that you download and try playing it today. Read more..

How to Play Fun Run 2 Game Online

Playing fun run on your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Fun Run 2 is pretty much the sequel to game by Dirtybit called Fun Run. Fun Run is a free multiplayer game in arcade category of the Google play store.

Dirtybit, although owning only 5 games total, they are already considered it up available on the android market. If you like the first edition of Fun Run then you’re going to love this one, because they’ve added new levels, characters in other features that make the game loads of fun play for anyone.

Playing fun run on your Computer, Phone or Tablet

If you couldn’t tell by the name on the android store: Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer Race, this game is an online multiplayer games that you can play on a smartphone or tablet. And if you know how you can also download this game to your computer using an android emulator bluestacks. Bluestacks to play of your favorite mobile phone games and apps right on your desktop computer without having to install lots of technical software. If you like to install fun run for your computer, it doesn’t matter if you have a windows or mac, all you have to do is go to and download their mobile app player from the homepage. Sometimes the controls get master power so be aware of before you install bluestacks to your pc. Read more..

Become a Kim Kardashian Hollywood Star online with an Android or iOS phone

kim kardashian hollywood game

If you’re not already aware of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game; the app that has been trending on the android market for quite some time now, then it’s about time you got caught up! The developer of the app, along with Kim Kardashian herself, have quickly gained popularity online, becoming one of the top downloaded apps on the Google play store and on iOS. This app can be downloaded and installed from the Google play store, but what we want to share with you today is how to become a top star on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app and be successful as a celebrity. Read more..

How to buy and Sell a Summoners War account online

Guide for Summoners War Game

Unfortunately for Summoners War fans, the app isn’t nearly as popular as many other games like Clash of Clans. However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t accounts and extras available for you to download that will make the game more exciting, if that’s your desire. Ebay is one of the most popular locations to buy and sell accounts online for nearly any game. Now Ebay doesn’t exactly allow digital items as auctions, but there is a workaround by adding a physical item to auction that can actually be shipped along with the account details; that means your actually selling something and then simply giving away your account as an additional bonus to the auction winner. Read more..

Trivia Crack App: Where to find questions and answers online

answers to Trivia Crack app

Trivia Crack is currently one of the most popular trivia games on the android market. It’s been installed by over 10 million people and has a really impressive rating of 4.5 stars. This application was last updated on December 3, 2014 where developers fixed various bugs that were effecting users game-play. After-which, most of the reviews from game around the world turned into completely positive 4 and 5 star ratings, so one can only assume that this app is now as Connor says on the Google play store: “the best game ever.” Read more..

What are the best free virtual pet games online?

When virtual and talking pet games come into the picture, there’s no developer more on top of the game than Outfit7, who has been developing their talking pet games for quite some time now and have many popular apps already released on the Android platform. This article will simply list our favorite virtual pet games with a strong emphasis on the apps from Outfit7, because they are receiving the best ratings and reviews from players.

1. My Talking Tom / Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

These two are easily the most downloaded apps in this category of games. Combined they have nearly 7 million ratings from people and probably between 300 and 500 million installs from people all around the world. They both received excellent ratings from their users with 4.4 stars overall for both apps. Read more..

How to download the free Jigty Jigsaw puzzles online

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles game

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles was created by Outfit7 who is also responsible for many other great games such as My Talking Tom. In this puzzle game you have to simply solve jigsaw puzzles until they’re complete. It’s a great app for people of all ages and the original designs will keep any puzzle lover busy for hours.

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles feature an intelligent design, which means that every single piece has its own shape that’s different from all of the others. It’s also great for kids because they can use things like guide lines and magnetic pieces to give them help with solving more difficult puzzles without getting too frustrated. There are easily hundreds of different puzzles and the graphics are really nice. They are sorted by different themes, and you can even upload your own pictures and turn them into solvable puzzles.

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles Online Reviews

This game got a 4.3 out of 5 star rating with well over 300,000 users who gave it 5 stars. The most recent reviews were almost all positive with just one rating that was below 4 stars, who said that there are too many in-game purchases and they didn’t feel like spending money to progress. Read more..

How do you download Monster Squad game for computer?

Monster Squad Game

Monster Squad is currently trending as the best role playing game online. In this monster game you take full control of your monsters and help them to turn into fearsome creatures that can’t be stopped by your opponents. It was developed by Nexon M and just recently released into the Google play store to become one of the most popular RPG apps this month.

How to Download and Play Monster Squad on PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

So if you’re interested in getting this awesome monster app and play it on your computer, you will need to learn how to use an Android emulator. It’s a quick and painless process and we’ll walk you through what you need to do. If you need additional help, please refer to our installation guide for Android games. Read more..