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(4.0.0) Marvel Contest of Champions Latest Update on July 8, 2015

Marvel Contest of Champions, one of the most popular Marvel action games on the Google play store is an app that was developed by the top developer known as Kabam. It has currently been selected and featured under the Editors’ Choice of games on the Android marketplace and just recently received a major update on July 8, 2015.

This latest update move the game into version 4.0.0 and provided users with five changes into the game, some being major content additions. You can head over to the Google play store page for Marvel Contest of Champions or you can simply read about the latest editions to this game down below. Read more..

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most popular Android games of the year. There are tons of different characters that you can play with in this game, and by tons we mean 37 playable characters that include both superheroes and villains. Some of them are extremely rare and only common things like crystal packs and arenas, and some of them are much more common than others.

Did you know you can also play Marvel Contest of Champions for PC?

Down below is the full list of all of the playable characters in this game, and below that list you can find the non-playable characters in the game as well which will be featured in some of the story modes, but will be able to be attainable currently. These characters are separated into different classes such as the Cosmic Class, Tech Class, Mutant Class, Skill Class, Science Class and Mystic Class. Read more..

Download Marvel Contest of Champions for PC – Windows & Mac Install

Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that was developed by Kabam. Although Kabam is in a top developer on the Google play store, they do have many popular games that were sure you have played or heard of before. Some of these games include popular titles such as the new Fast & Furious: Legacy, The Hunger Games, Underworld Empire and Kingdoms of Camelot.

Marvel Contest of Champions was last updated on April 22, 2015 where the mobile app developers made many significant changes to the overall gameplay and user interface of the game. Some of these updates include things like Ultron being added to the contest. Another change was adding in the summoner masteries, which bring new beneficial effects to your champions. The social hub was also added into give you access to all of the social features you might be interested in. Some of the other updates were adding in duals, which allow you to take on other summoner’s champions to see who’s the best and strongest. Read more..

Marvel Contest of Champions – April 22, 2015 Update – Action Game by Kabam

Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that has blown up on the Google play store’s Android marketplace. It now has over 10 million installs and is running on version 3.0.0 requiring an android device of 4.0 and up. There has also been over 650,000 players all around the world who left ratings for this game which bring it to its current 4.2 star rating.

In the most recent update on April 22, 2015 the developers made various changes to the game that you may be interested in. Some of these changes include things like adding access to all of the social features the of the social hub. You can also now work together with your alliance to be able to complete different objectives and receive various rewards. Some other features that were added include duals, which give you the opportunity to take on players Summoners’ Champions and earn various prizes. Read more..