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How to download Angry Birds Go & play on desktop PC computer (Windows XP, 7, 8)

What’s going on the Android fans in this article to me talk about the latest game to hit racing market on the android Google play store goes by the name of Angry Birds Go. Angry Birds Go was developed by the all too popular app developer company called Rovio Mobile. Rovio Mobile is responsible for all of Angry Birds Go games to date and has quickly gained their status as a top developer on the Google play store make an android games and apps.

Download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer or your android

If you’d like to download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer or your android smartphone or tablet were to walk you through how to do that in this article after first talking about some of the features of this game that make it awesome and unique to all of the other angry birds games that have been released so far. Read more..

How to play Word Crack Free for your Windows computer

In this article, we will be talking about Etermax’s latest android game by the name of Word Crack Free. Now Word Crack Free was released a couple months ago and hasn’t really released any significant updates since September 15, 2014, it’s still a trending app on the Android market and the Google play store.

If you’re already familiar with other word games like Ruzzle, then were sure you’ll pick up on the gameplay style very quickly. It’s advertised as a fast and fun word game that you can play with your friends to see who’s the smartest and fastest. You’re able to play against Facebook friends and even other random people who just have the app download on their phones as well. Read more..

How to buy and Sell a Summoners War account online

Guide for Summoners War Game

Unfortunately for Summoners War fans, the app isn’t nearly as popular as many other games like Clash of Clans. However that doesn’t mean that there aren’t accounts and extras available for you to download that will make the game more exciting, if that’s your desire. Ebay is one of the most popular locations to buy and sell accounts online for nearly any game. Now Ebay doesn’t exactly allow digital items as auctions, but there is a workaround by adding a physical item to auction that can actually be shipped along with the account details; that means your actually selling something and then simply giving away your account as an additional bonus to the auction winner. Read more..

How to Download Heroes of Camelot Game for PC

How to Download Heroes of Camelot Game for PC

How to Download Heroes of Camelot Game for PC

To download Heroes of Camelot for your computer, you will need to install a mobile app player that lets you access the Android marketplace. BlueStack’s lets you do this for free and we’ll show you how to get it working here.

  1. Go to and download their free mobile app player using the link on the homepage. For help with this use the link on the right side of this page.
  2. After bluestacks is open, click the search button and type in “Heroes of Camelot” and then hit enter on your keyboard.
  3. Choose the correct app in the list and open the game page, then hit the Install button to begin installing the game.
  4. Once the game is done installing, you can click the Open button to start playing.

Heroes of Camelot is a role playing game developed by Kabam, who are known for their popular games such as The Hobbit: Kingdoms and Fast & Furious 6: The Game.

Heroes of Camelot App Game Features, Graphics, Multiplayer and Dragons

The best multiplayer card game that is available on Google’s play store right now. Heroes of Camelot is an outright winner. It is probably the best role playing game ever made. The game features brand new graphics which is powered by a new engine, which gives the game a lot of realism. Read more..

Brave Frontier Game Download for PC (Online, Laptop, Windows)

How to Download, Install and Play Brave Frontier on PC

How to Download, Install and Play Brave Frontier on PC

Brave Frontier is a game for mobile phones that’s available to download on the Google play store and Android marketplace. While you can play it on your smart phone, there are also ways to get the game working on your PC computer for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac.

  1. Go to and download their free mobile app player. BlueStacks lets you play all of your favorite mobile phone games on your desktop PC computer. If you need help installing BlueStacks, check out our guide to the right of this page.
  2. After you have BlueStacks working, go ahead and open it up and wait for it to load.
  3. When it’s finished loading, then click the search button in the top left corner and type in “Brave Frontier” then hit enter on your keyboard.
  4. Choose the correct app and click the Install button to download the game.
  5. When the game is finished downloading, you will now be able to click Open to play the game on your desktop.

Brave Frontier is a game that was released by gumi Inc. and is categorized as an interactive role-playing action game.

Brave Frontier Features, Gameplay, Heroes and Elemental Strengths

In the beginning of the game, you get to go on an epic adventure through Grand Gaia and learn how to use your powers in-order to protect the world and save it from its enemies. Brave Frontier features lots of options to customize your gameplay such as 200 plus legendary heroes and beasts. Read more..

How to Download Android Apps for PC Computer

If you have a favorite app from the Android Google Play Store and you’d like to try playing it on your PC’s big screen, this guide will walk you through how to do just that.

This should work for all Android games and for your Windows XP / 7 / 8 and Mac computer.

1. To start things off, you’ll first want to download and install the BlueStacks App Player from

BlueStacks is a free mobile app player that gives you access to the entire up-to-date marketplace on your desktop computer. It’s free to download and safe to use. Read more..

Play Kim Kardashian game – Download Kim K app

kim kardashian hollywood game

Kim Kardashian Hollywood app

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a free app for smart phones and is now available for download on your computer.

Pretty much, if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a Hollywood super-star, then this game is probably as close as you’re going to get!

Play as Kim Kardashian and earn revenue for the store!

You can even create your own celeb and try your best to become famous and make it big. Start out by customizing your style, look and then head out to the red carpet.

The game is interesting because it doesn’t just stop with Kim Kardashian, but there are also other awesome celebrities that you will run into along with fans and you guessed it, paparazzi.
Read more..