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Download Bull Simulator 3D for PC

Download Bull Simulator 3D for PC

Bull Simulator 3D for Windows PC

Would you like to get a control of an angry bull and smash everything which comes in your way? If you do then you should play Bull Simulator 3D. The game falls under arcade category and it is packed with action. Bull Simulator 3D is developed by Words Mobile. The developers have done a good job in developing a cool game on nice idea.

Key Features and Gameplay of Bull Simulator 3D

In Bull Simulator 3D, you will get high quality 3D animal adventure. Your basic priority should be to survive as long as you can. You have to knock down all the evil aliens which you will find in your way and eat up everything which you can find. You should remember that in general bulls are much stronger than cows, so you should play the game without any hesitation of get killed easily. Your only focus is on doing the damage as much as possible. Read more..

Download League Friends for PC

Download League Friends for PC

League Friends for Windows PC

Are you a League of Legends player and want to connect with your friends? Well, if you do then you have League Friends to connect with your friends. League Friends is an app which allows players to connect with their existing League of Legends accounts and with their friends list as well. In case you don’t have an account, you should make one by signing up on

Key Features of League Friends

In League Friends, you will have an option to connect with your league of legend friends anywhere you want. If you have this app install on your iPhone, you can easily talk to your friends. Currently, League Friends is only available for Apple users. The app allows the users to sync to different devices such as your iPhone, iPad and MAC. Read more..

Scrubby Dubby Saga Download for PC

Scrubby Dubby Saga Download for PC

Scrubby Dubby Saga for Windows PC

In the era of modern technology and smart devices, casual games have become a new phenomenon. Everyone loves to play games which are challenging for the brain and involve some solving puzzles skill. The biggest and most successful game in this forte is Scrubby Dubby Saga. People love to play Scrubby Dubby Saga and playing it continuously from last 2 or 3 years. The never ending levels keep the players busy and lighten their curiosity to achieve more. The game which I am about to review today is developed by King, the same company which is behind Candy Crush Saga. Read more..

Glory of General Pacific Download for PC Windows and Mac

Glory of Generals Pacific Download for pc

Glory of Generals Pacific for Windows PC

If you like to make strategies in order to succeed then you should play this game which I am about to review today. Glory of General Pacific is a wonderful game. Glory of General Pacific is developed by Easy Tech. Glory of General Pacificis based on war and strategy. You have to make strategies to win wars and advance in the game. Let me elaborate the major features of this game for you.

Glory of General Pacific has many useful features. You will have more than 64 campaigns in the game which you will fight in the 4 battlefields. You will be the commander of your military. The fun thing in Glory of General Pacific is that 105 real world famous generals will take part in the war. You will have more than 300 realistic territories to show off your skills and strategy. In order to get success you need to focus on your defense and certainly need expertise to win every war. You must take full advantage of the battlefield territory. Read more..

Download Magic Flute for PC Windows and Mac

Magic Flute download for pc

Magic Flute for Windows PC

If you like to play musical instruments or want to compose your own music through your smart phone or tablet then you should download Magic Flute Download for PC Windows and Mac which I am about to review. Magic Flute is an amazing app which developed by PowerSound Lab. The app is complete with key features. Let me elaborate the major features of the app.

There are hundreds of musical instruments apps are available for smart phone and tablet users. But, only few apps are complete with useful features. In Magic Flute Download for PC Windows and Mac, you can play the wonderful music. You can play your own tunes and make it magical. The app has amazing sound effect and user interface. The user interface is the most critical thing and developing an easy to use interface requires strong knowledge of app development. However, Magic Flute has easy to use and perfect user interface. Read more..

Download Roulette Royale Free Casino for PC

roulette royale download for pc

Roulette Royale for Windows PC

If you like to play the casino games and specifically roulette, then you should play Roulette Royale. Roulette Royale Free Casino is amazing to play. Generally, people like to go to casino to play different games. The most used games in the casinos are Slot machines and Roulette. The Roulette is a fun game to play in real and many likes to play the games too. The virtual experience is always different from real. The developers usually have to develop the game in the way that user will have real experience. Read more..

World Cricket Champions Download for PC

world cricket championship download for pc

World Cricket Championship for Windows PC

If you are into cricket and you like to play the cricket video games then this game is a must. World cricket champions are an outstanding cricket game. World Cricket Champions is full with exciting and useable features. Every gamer need the perfect features in order to get a good gaming experience. The game is developed by Nextwave Multimedia Inc.

When it comes to sports games, every gamer needs perfect and error free game. Many games usually have technical problems or compatibility problem. But, World cricket champions has been developed with great care and its pretty much error free and runs smoothly on almost every device. Read more..

Air Tycoon 3 Download for PC

Airtycoon 3 download for pc

Air Tycoon 3 for Windows PC

Have you ever played simulation games? Well, if you like to play or not, you will like this game. Air Tycoon 3 is based on simulation. It is the one of the best simulation games available for Android users. The game is developed by TRADEGAME lab Inc. The developers have done a pretty decent job in developing simulation game for Android. Let me tell you the major features of Air Tycoon 3.

Air Tycoon 3 is based on airplane simulation and management of airline for single player. Let me mention it here, the game has two versions. The demo version is free to download and play. But, to enjoy the full game you have to spend the money and buy the full version. There are also few in-app purchases, which depends on you whether you need it or not. Read more..

Drag Racing Club Wars Download for PC

drag racing download for pc

Drag Racing for Windows PC

Everyone loves to play car racing games. The car racing games are always the fun to play. However, the most favorite car racing games are based on drag racing. But, there are not many high quality drag racing games available for smart phone and tablet users.

However, the game which I am about to review is Drag Racing Club Wars. The game is undoubtedly one of the best. The game is developed by Creative Mobile. Although, the game has many features but only few features are brilliant. The game provides much of the real life drag racing experience. Read more..

Battle Glory 2 Download for PC

Battle glory 2 download for pc

Battle Glory for Windows PC

After the success of the Battle Glory, the developers advanced the game and build the Battle Glory 2. However, the game is pretty much same as the first part. The game is developed by MG Studio LLC. As you already know that the game is based on strategy like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, etc.

In the beginning of the game, you will have to build up your base. The resources are the most important part of the modern warfare. You need to build oil refinery and gold mine in order to collect the resources and use it to build forces. The strong forces will allow you to win more battles against enemies. Read more..

CSI Slots Download for PC

CSI slots download for PC

CSI Slots for Windows PC

Casino games are famous around the world among players. Many prefers to play the games based on casinos such as slots, roulette and card games. The game which I am about to elaborate is CSI Slots. Now, you might have an idea what kind of game it would be. But, to make it more clearly for you, read the features of CSI Slots.

The CSI Slots is developed by well-known developers Game Loft. The game is packed with many features. In CSI Slots, you have to investigate the cases and find the items to solve the case. Everything will be done by spinning the slots. In order to investigate the suspect, you need to spin the reels. You have to progress through the mystery cases. Every spin in CSI Slots will helps you to get one step closer to your investigation and finally you will be able to catch the criminal. After catching the criminal, you will get the large amount of payouts. The CSI Slots is full with high level action but in casino style bonus games. You can explore the mystery crime scenes in Las Vegas and find the evidence in order to catch the criminal. Read more..

Frozen Free Fall Download for PC

frozen free fall download for PC

Frozen Free Fall for Windows PC

Have you seen the animated movie Frozen? If you do watch it then you should be ready to play the game based on Frozen movie theme. The game is developed by Disney. It’s perfectly suitable for young kids specifically for girls. The game has many great features which I am about to discuss.

In Frozen Free Fall, you will have over 650 exciting levels, which you will complete gradually. Frozen Free Fall is a puzzle game. The puzzle games are pretty famous among kids and adults. Everyone likes challenges to clear in order to advance to next level. The game is inspired by Disney Frozen animated movie. The puzzle matching adventure will happened in the Kingdom of Arendelle. The game has famous characters such as Olaf, Elsa, Anna and few more. Recently, Frozen Free Fall has been updated and the new update contains several more seasonal puzzles and game modes. But, you have to unlock them in order to explore and play them. Read more..

Pet Rescue Saga Download for PC

Pet Rescue Saga Download for PC

Pet Rescue Saga for Windows PC

Are you an animal lover? Or Likes to have pet? Then you should play this game. The game is based on pet rescue. You have to rescue the pets in the game. Pet Rescue Saga is developed by the King which is famously known for their game Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. Although, there is no difference in the logic of the games, but it certainly has difference in game play and features. Pet Rescue Saga is puzzle based and you have to remove all the blocks in order to finish the level and save the pets. Read more..

Tabla Download for PC

Tabla Download for PC

Tabla for Windows PC

If you are a music lover and loves to play different instruments, then this is a great app for you. Tabla is a big part of music in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Tabla is a percussion instrument. It is also known as Darbukkah, Darbouka, Dumbak and Arabian Drum. It is mostly used in Indian Classical Music. The tabla has a strong recognition in these specific regions. You can almost hear the tabla sound in the back of every song which produced in these regions.

Playing an instrument is an art and it requires certain amount of talent and practice. Well, we are not here to discuss the real tabla. But, giving you an idea of the instruments seemed important. Let me elaborate the Tabla app which is available for smart phone users. In the app you can play the instrument and it certainly has identical sound to real tabla. Read more..

Gunners Battle City Download for PC

Gunners City Battle Download for PC

Gunners City Battle for Windows PC

Do you want an action pack game? Well, you are in luck. The game which I am about to discuss is full with action. The game is developed by Top Action Games 2015. Gunners Battle City is based on protecting the citizens from the terrorists. The game has pretty cool features. Let me explain the features and gameplay for you.

The gunners are in the town and they are trying to terrorize the citizens. In the game, you will have the duty to perform secret missions and destroy the terrorists’ strong locations. The war is at his full power. The terrorists are equipped with the latest technology and weapons. They have the Humvees to ride and roam in the streets. The apache helicopters help them to get a strong grasp on surveillance. They are skilled and use deadly weapons such as AK 47 and RPG. Read more..