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Download Build a Bridge for PC

Download Build a Bridge for PC

Puzzle games have been an attraction to gamers wich less effort and brain to  use more.This time we bring you a mix of puzzle and technique in the form of Build a Bridge  which is available free on Android and iOS Appstore.The good news is that now it is available for PC with the help of third party emulator like bluestacks.All you need to use Family Build a Bridge  for PC is to download bluestacks and follow instructions we are providing you with.Go through Some of the exciting features if you haven’t yet used the App on any other format along with the procedures how to install Build a Bridge For PC on your windows PC or Mac. Read more..

Download Space Jet for PC

Download Space Jet for PC

Space Jet for Windows PC

Would you like to fight in the space? Well, if you get fascinate by the thought then you should download Space Jet for PC. In order to play Space Jet on PC, you need to download bluestacks.  It is one of the best games available in simulator genre. Space Jet is developed by Extreme Developers. To know more about the features of Space Jet, please read below.

Features of Space Jet

As you know, Space Jet is a simulator game which involves action as well. There are many simulation games available such as Flight Pilot Simulator 3D. But, Space Jet is brilliant online 3D shooting game. The game allows its players to join global players online. You can do the war against players around the world. Moreover, you will have the option to create your own team or join with your friends on Space Jet. Read more..

Download Bloons TD Battles for PC

Download Bloons td battles for PC

Bloons TD Battles for Windows PC

Have your ever played Bloons TD Battles? If you haven’t than you are missing on one of the coolest strategy games. Bloons TD Battles is developed by ninja kiwi. The game is based on strategy which has become one of the biggest genres in games. Please read further to know about the key features of Bloons TD Battles.

Key Features of Bloons TD Battles

Well, as you probably know that strategy games are the most grossing games. The game such as Clash of Clans has become the most grossing mobile strategy game. The tower defense games are based on more defensive strategy such as Allien Creeps TD. However, Bloons TD Battles has also an amazing gameplay and features. Read more..

Download Bull Simulator 3D for PC

Download Bull Simulator 3D for PC

Bull Simulator 3D for Windows PC

Would you like to get a control of an angry bull and smash everything which comes in your way? If you do then you should play Bull Simulator 3D. The game falls under arcade category and it is packed with action. Bull Simulator 3D is developed by Words Mobile. The developers have done a good job in developing a cool game on nice idea.

Key Features and Gameplay of Bull Simulator 3D

In Bull Simulator 3D, you will get high quality 3D animal adventure. Your basic priority should be to survive as long as you can. You have to knock down all the evil aliens which you will find in your way and eat up everything which you can find. You should remember that in general bulls are much stronger than cows, so you should play the game without any hesitation of get killed easily. Your only focus is on doing the damage as much as possible. Read more..

Download Hello Kitty Lunchbox for PC

Download Hello Kitty Lunchbox for PC

Hello Kitty Lunchbox for Windows PC

The game which I am about to review is specifically for children. Kitty is a famous cartoon character among children. Hello Kitty Lunchbox is a fun and exciting game for children. The game is based on preparing lunchbox and gets rewards in return from Kitty. The game is developed by Budge Studios. To know more about the major features of Hello Kitty Lunchbox, please read below.

Major Features of Hello Kitty Lunchbox

In Hello Kitty Lunchbox, you have to prepare the recipe according to Hello Kitty demand. If you achieve the success in creating the recipe, Hello Kitty will give your beautiful rewards in order to decorate your school lunchbox. Read more..

Download Collage Maker for PC

Download Collage Maker for PC

Collage Maker for Windows PC

Everyone loves to take photographs and afterwards make a collage of different pictures. There are hundreds of apps available and Collage Maker is one of them. Collage Maker is a great app to make collage. The app is developed by Clicklab technology and it falls under the photography category. Let me elaborate the major features of Collage Maker.

Major Features of Collage Maker

Many people like to make their own collages by the help of some application. But, to be honest there are not many high quality collage apps available. However, Collage Maker has many useful features which help to get beautiful collages. Read more..

Download Cascade for PC

Download Cascade for PC

Cascade for Windows PC

In mobile gaming the most grossing games are either strategy games or puzzle games. Cascade is one of the best puzzle games available for smart devices. Cascade is much like Candy Crush Saga or any other top grossing puzzle game. But, the game has different gameplay and features. Cascade is developed by Big Fish Games, Inc. To know about the features of Cascade, please read below.

Features and Gameplay of Cascade

The game is pretty similar to Candy Crush Saga. You have to match the same color gems in cascade. You can spin, match and win in the Cascade. The game has over 350 beautiful and challenging levels. You have to spin in order to get gems and afterwards send them to cascade with the same matches of 3 or more. You should focus on matching the larger amount of gems in order to get higher score. Read more..

Download Brain Maker for PC

Download Brain Maker for PC

Brain Maker for Windows PC

Do you want to play a game which can challenge your brain? Then, you should play Brain Maker. Brain Maker is a fun and challenging game. The game is developed by WeGo Interactive Co. LTD and it falls under the puzzle category. Generally, puzzle games are always difficult and challenging for the brain. Brain Maker is not an exception. Let me elaborate the key features of Brain Maker. Download via BlueStacks

Key Features of Brain Maker

In Brain Maker, you will have the option to solve different puzzles in the limited time. It will challenge your brain and you have to complete it in given time in order to get high IQ points. The game allows you to challenge people from all over the world. Read more..

Download Color Switch Twist for PC

Download Color Switch Twist for PC

Color Switch Twist for Windows PC

Do you want to play a game which only comprised of colors, lines, patterns, ball, but it involves action? It sound cool, isn’t? Well, Color Switch Twist is the game which has all the cool fun. Color Switch Twist is pretty simple to understand. You only need have to take the ball from one end to the other. You must be thinking if it’s so simple then why this game would be fun. The developers did the great job in twisting people. The game is developed by Gametion. In first look Color Switch Twist seems like a simple and easy game, but as you begin playing it then it shows the real difficulties. Read more..

Clash Royale Download for PC

Clash Royale Download for PC

Clash Royale for Windows PC

Probably the most awaited game by Supercell, Clash Royale is available to play. Clash Royale has been developed by Supercell the company behind Clash of Clans, Boom beach and Hay Day. Again, developers did an amazing job in developing the wonderful Clash Royale. Now, let me elaborate the key features and gameplay of Clash Royale.

Gameplay and Key features of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is based on strategy just like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. I have to mention here that Supercell is pioneer in developing top strategy game for mobile devices. Clash Royale probably has all the major characters involve in both Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Read more..

Download Wolf Craft for PC Windows or Mac

Download WolfCraft for PC

Download WolfCraft for Windows PC

If you like to play games like Mine Craft or Terraria, then you would also like the game which I am about to review. Wolf Craft is a brilliant and detailed game which every player needs. The game is developed by Wild World Games. To know about the major features of Wolf Craft, please read below.

Important Features of Wolf Craft

In the game, you have to collect different crafting materials in order to craft your own wolf. You can collect the materials from hidden treasure chests and by defeating animals. Do you want your wolf with a Mohawk? Why not? You can do this in Wolf Craft. Afterwards, you have to take care of your wolf. You need to be conscious about the needs of wolf. You have to find water and food in order to keep your wolf healthy and risk free of death. Read more..

Download Darts 3D for PC Windows and Mac

Darts 3D download for pc

Darts 3D for Windows PC

Do you have what it takes to become a pro at throwing darts? If you do then you should download this game. The game is addicted and absolute fun to play. Darts 3D has all what anybody need in the darts virtual game. The game is developed by Giraffe Games Limited. The developers have done a great job in the development of the game. Every important feature of the darts is available in Darts 3D. Let me tell elaborate the key features of Darts 3D.

Although, Darts 3D is very simple like real darts, but it has all the necessary features. The important thing which matters most is the controls in the game. Darts 3D has great controls and you can smoothly throw your dart where you want. The other important thing in darts game is physics. To design the game with real darts physics is kind of a challenge which developers have done smartly. You will feel the implementation of real life darts physics in the game. Read more..

Monopoly Bingo

monopoly bingo download for pc

Monopoly Bingo for Windows PC

The Monopoly was one of the best board games in 90’s. Probably, everyone played it in their childhood. Now, the things have been changed and everyone has a tablet or smart phone to play games. However, the essence of the board games is still available in the form of virtual games.

Now, you can play all the old favorite board games or casino games on your smart devices. The game which I am about to elaborate is Monopoly Bingo. To know about the key features of Monopoly Bingo read below.

Monopoly Bingo for PCis an interesting game to play. According to the developers, Monopoly Bingo has won awards. There are several Bingo games available on the Play Store. But, only few have the capability to perform well. Read more..

Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D Download for PC

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D for Windows PC

The action games are always fun to play. I always enjoy playing the game which involves serious action. I found this brilliant game in the play store. The Gunship Battle is an amazing game with brilliant graphics. If you specifically like to play helicopter action games, then this is the game for you to play.

To know about the gameplay and features of the game, please read below.

The Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D is developed by JoyCity Corp. The company has experience in creating high resolution games. The developers did the true justice to the game and work hard to provide the complete helicopter action game to its users. Read more..

Puppet Ice Hockey 2015 Czech Download for PC

Puppet ice hockey 2015 download for pc

Puppet Ice Hockey 2015 for Windows PC

If you are from North America then the game which I am about to review is just perfect fit for you. Ice hockey is the national sport of Canada. However, ice hockey is played by many countries in the world. The Puppet Ice Hockey 2015 Czech is the best game for you to play this season on your virtual devices.

So, you should grab your hockey stick and put on your jersey, because Puppet Ice Hockey is a real fun. The game has almost everything you need and it’s the best game available in Ice Hockey games. The game is developed by NOXGAMES. Read more..