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Sonic Dash Download for PC – Windows & Mac

Sonic Dash is a free arcade game that you can download for free online for your Windows PC computer. This game is one of the most popular arcade games on the Android marketplace and it was developed by the mobile app developing company known as SEGA.

You may be familiar with some of SEGA’s many other popular Android games such as Sonic Jump Fever, Sonic Racing and Crazy Taxi City Rush. You can install all of these games and more onto your Android device such as a smart phone or tablet, and you can also install and play these games on your computer by using an Android emulator, which we will walk you through how to do in this article. Read more..

Kitty City Cat Food Ninja Game – Free Download for PC

Kitty City Cat Food Ninja is a brand-new arcade game that was recently released by TabTale on the Google play store in the Android marketplace. You may be familiar with some of this developers dozens of other games including popular titles such as My Newborn Baby, Cruise Kids and Princess PJ Party. If you would like to check out or download some of their games that they have released on the Android marketplace and be sure to check out their page on the Google play store.

So Kitty City Cat Food Ninja is a game that was released under the arcade category of the Android marketplace and a brings a unique gameplay and experience to your Android game collection. In this game to be able to succeed you have to try to rescue and collect these very adorable kittens, and there are over 30 different kittens that you can collect. Once you collect them all then you win the game and he could you spend your time having fun by feeding them and playing games with them. Read more..

How to download Edge of Tomorrow video game online for PC

In this article we are going to be looking at a popular arcade game that was developed by Warner Bros and released onto the Google play store under the arcade category of games. The game is called Edge of Tomorrow Game and it is titled after the popular movie starring Brad Pitt.

In this game you get to join and epic sci-fi thriller that unfolds right in front of you that will take you into the near future where an alien race has hit the earth with an assault that you have to defend against.

Edge of Tomorrow Game was last updated on June 3, 2014 where the developers added updates to localized versions the hopefully help improve the overall gameplay for users who are having problems with it. This game is still in version 1.0.3, which means that there were too many content updates but that still doesn’t mean that the game is in a very complete and fun to play game that you should install on your Android device. You might also enjoy playing Clash of Kings, a popular action style game. Read more..

Sky Punks for PC Computer – Free Download Games for PC

Sky Punks is an arcade game that was developed by the popular Rovio Stars developer on the Google play store. This isn the same developer that created the Angry Birds game series, and they’re responsible for some other popular games such as Jolly Jam, Juice Cubes and Tiny Thief.

The way you play Sky Punks is that you choose your own character and then you enter a level where you get to fly through the race course on a ship through different obstacles and then you have to jump over them to collect coins and try to avoid any collisions. Read more..

MiniCraft 2 Game – Download free apps for PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

MiniCraft 2 is finally available on the Android Market under the arcade category of games. This is the second edition of the MiniCraft series creates a simple and easy craft menu along with new game locations and an additional narrative story that will give the game more reason and purpose.

The MiniCraft 2 game is an average crafting game that features for new gaming worlds as well as several different main game mode such as playing mode, city buildings mode, mountains mode, and superflat world mode. There also various cycles such as the sleep cycle, day and night cycle, weather cycles, and inventories for players and stats. Read more..

Freeze Game – How to download and play Freeze app on PC computer

In this article were given be looking at a new game that’s come out onto the arcade category of the android market. The game goes by the name of Freeze and perhaps the reason why it’s gotten so popular in such little times because it’s an extremely unique game that you won’t find any other games that are anywhere like it.

Although it’s categorized in the arcade section, you could consider Freeze to be a puzzles style game because you’re ultimately solving a rotating in physics-based puzzle where you use your finger to continuously charring the cells in various directions while trying to escape. It is your goal to be able to overcome gravity by turning the world’s and then escaping to set your hero free. Read more..

How to download Spring Ninja for PC – Play free Android games

Spring Ninja is one the most popular arcade games that was recently released on the Android marketplace.

While Spring Ninja is incredibly fun the play on your android smart phone or tablet, it’s also very exciting on a large computer screen or laptop by playing it using and android emulator. It’s also possible to play a more accurately using your keyboard instead of a touchscreen.

So if you would like to download and play Spring Ninja on your PC computer, you can do so by going to and downloading their free android app player from their homepage. Save the file somewhere to your computer and then located and double-click it to follow ensure options on your screen to install the BlueStacks emulator. Read more..

Jelly Jump – Download this game for PC computer and play for free

Jelly Jump is a game that is available on the Android Market in the Google play store under the arcade category of apps.

You can download Jelly Jump for free by going to the Google play store on your android device, and simply clicking the install button, however, there is also a way to download Jelly Jump and be able to play it on your desktop PC computer for free using and android emulator known as BlueStacks.

Down below in this article I’m been explained to you how to download, install, and play Jelly Jump on your PC computer using the BlueStacks android emulator. It’s a free process and it should only take you between 5 to 10 minutes to complete before you are able to play Jelly Jump along with all your other favorite android games and apps on your PC. Read more..

How to download and install Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day game for free

Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day’s game that was released by TeamLava Games and made available for free download on the Android Market via the Google play store.

TeamLava Games a mobile app developer that has been around quite some time on the Android Market and has lots of trending games currently online. Some of his games that you might already know of include games like Restaurant Story, Bubble Mania and Dragon Story.

Download and install Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day game for free

If you’re interested in downloading and installing the Bubble Mania Valentine’s Day game to be able to play it on your desktop PC computer, then we have a guide for you to be able to do this quickly and easily without having to spend any money. For the first step you’re going to need to go to and download their free mobile app player from the homepage. To do this is simply go to the website and click the download app player which is a green button in the bottom left corner of the homepage. Read more..

How to download Winter Craft 3 Mine Build using a free mobile app player

Winter Craft 3 Mine Build is a game that was developed by SandStorm Earl and made available for free download on the Android Market as well as for gamers using a free mobile app player such as BlueStacks to play on PC computers. In this article were to walk you through how you can download and install and be able to play Winter Craft 3 Mine Build on your PC computer.

How to play Winter Craft 3: Mine Build game and download for PC

So if you’re interested in being able to play Winter Craft 3 Mine Build on your PC computer, you’re going to need to head over to and download their free mobile app player from the homepage. Once you have the BlueStacks app player downloaded to your computer go ahead and open that file and install it; this could take a couple of minutes to complete. Read more..

How to play the Tap the Frog game for free on your Windows PC

Tap the Frog is a game that was released by Playmous, a mobile app developer on the Android marketplace that has created many other arcade style games. This app was last updated on February 18, 2014, where the developers added in a total of four new mini-games, as well as some other fixes including a few minor bugs that were found in the previous version of the game.

There isn’t much to say about the features of the Tap the Frog app, mostly because it is quite simple in both content and graphics. But don’t let that hold you back from downloading it, because there’s still tons of different activities and many mini-games for you to play that will keep you busy with endless hours of fun and entertainment. Read more..

Brothers in Arms 3 WW2 action game

What’s popping everyone, I’ll tell you what’s popping, it’s the new Brothers in Arms 3 game that was just released on December 17, 2014 by developer by the name of Gameloft and it was added into the Android marketplace under the category of arcade. If you’re not familiar with Gameloft, when the top developers on the Google play store, then you might remember them with some of their popular titles like Ice Age adventures, Blitz Brigade, and even games like UNO & Friends and Captain America. Read more..

How to Play Fun Run 2 Game Online

Playing fun run on your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Fun Run 2 is pretty much the sequel to game by Dirtybit called Fun Run. Fun Run is a free multiplayer game in arcade category of the Google play store.

Dirtybit, although owning only 5 games total, they are already considered it up available on the android market. If you like the first edition of Fun Run then you’re going to love this one, because they’ve added new levels, characters in other features that make the game loads of fun play for anyone.

Playing fun run on your Computer, Phone or Tablet

If you couldn’t tell by the name on the android store: Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer Race, this game is an online multiplayer games that you can play on a smartphone or tablet. And if you know how you can also download this game to your computer using an android emulator bluestacks. Bluestacks to play of your favorite mobile phone games and apps right on your desktop computer without having to install lots of technical software. If you like to install fun run for your computer, it doesn’t matter if you have a windows or mac, all you have to do is go to and download their mobile app player from the homepage. Sometimes the controls get master power so be aware of before you install bluestacks to your pc. Read more..

How to play Angry Birds Transformers app or game for computer

download Angry Birds Transformers game guide
Angry Birds Transformers is the latest edition of the Angry Birds saga by Rovia Mobile. It’s the same style of Angry Birds gameplay that you love with an epic Transformers theme. If you’d like to play this game for free on your desktop computer and you want to avoid using your tiny smart phone screen, then we have some great news for you because this is totally possible and we have a free method to get it done in just 5 to 10 minutes.

How to download Angry Birds: Transformers game on PC:

1. Start by visiting the BlueStacks mobile application player’s website to download the player for free to your computer. We have a how to guide here if you need additional help or something’s not quite working. 2. After you install BlueStacks to your computer (note: you can also use Andyroid in-place of BlueStacks), then you should launch it from your desktop or start menu and wait for the application to load-up. It could take a few minutes if you’re starting it for the first time, so be patient. 3. Now that we have BlueStacks open, you should try to find the search button, which is typically a magnifying glass and click it. Now type in the game you wish to download, in our case “Angry Birds Transformers” and then hit enter on your keyboard to begin searching. 4. When you find the Transformers version of Angry Birds, (you can also try playing some of the other games in the series) then open it and find the install button to begin installing it to the app player. 5. When the download is complete, you should be able to just click play to open the app. But if the page closes, then you can find all your apps in the My Apps menu of the program.

Angry Birds Transformers app review

The Angry Birds Transformers app has been reviewed and rated by nearly 500,000 gamers who had something to say about the app. While all of these aren’t actually reviews, they are people who felt the need to rate the game. This game currently has 4.4 stars out of five with well over 300k five-star raters. This is a great indication as to the great quality of this Angry Birds game because not many games can boast of a rating above 4.2 stars, which is about average for a “good” game. Read more..

How To play Fruit Ninja for free on my computer

Fruit Ninja is a free mobile game that you can play on your computer. There is also a paid version of this game that you can download using an APK file, we’ll try to help you out with that one too down below if you want to try the full version of the game.

Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios. You might be familiar with this app development company because they are behind many popular titles like Colossatron and Jetpack Joyride.

Since its release into the market on the Google play store, Fruit Ninja has gotten an amazing 100+ million downloads with over 1.75 million five star ratings. Read more..