Rush of Heroes for PC Download Windows XP/7/8 & Laptop

Rush of Heroes is a role-playing game that you can download and install for your Windows PC computer or laptop.

This free game was developed by Firefly Games, who is a new developer on the Google play store. This game was just released on the Android Market and is currently only in version It brings a unique experience to Android gaming and it is being described as an action RPG game that comes along with high-quality 3D visuals and effects that will get you into interactive battles.

Gameplay and Features Online

In Rush of Heroes you get to command a team of heroes as they go on their quest to fight different monsters and battles trying to find the treasure. As you progress further and further into the game you will be able to explore and unlock hundreds of different quests in different lands as well as form guilds and teams with other players as you challenge your enemies and opponents.

This game features 150 different quests zones and battle areas where you can battle. There also more than 40 different upgradable heroes that you can choose to play with that have over 160 different skills and abilities. You can take on different occupations and try to master them, these occupations include things like fishing and even mining. Rush of Heroes also has over 1200 items including different types of weapons and armor that you can equip yourself with for battle.

How to download and play the game Rush of Heroes for your Windows PC computer or laptop

Rush of Heroes is available for Android devices such as smart phones or tablets, but by using and Android emulator we can get this game on a Windows computer or laptop. Follow the steps down below and you’ll be able to play this game with your friends online.

Step 1. Click one of the social media icons down below to share this game with your friends online.

Step 2. Download the BlueStacks app player from their homepage at Follow the instructions on your screen to install the software to your computer.
Step 3. Log into your Google play store account after opening the BlueStacks app player, and then from the homepage search for the game titled Rush of Heroes on the Google play store.
Step 4. When you find the correct game that you would like to play, simply open up the apps official page and click the green install button to begin installing it to your computer.
Step 5. Once this process is complete, you can then launch the game by clicking the green open button on apps official page, or you can click the games icon on the BlueStacks home screen under the category of “All Apps.”

Ratings and Reviews on the Google play store

This game currently has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, but because it is a very new game released by an entirely new developer on the Android Market, there still tons of room for improvement in upcoming updates. Users who left written reviews for the game were saying that the server has stability issues that were fixed, and that the game takes a serious mindset that will require you to take notes to help you progress your strategy, and it’s a very challenging and fun to play.

Another user said that the game is great but that it requires more stamina every time you level up. Another user said that he is completely addicted to the game, however the new update has caused him a problem where at the bottom of the most every window it gets cut off. The developers replied for this problem that they will be looking into this issue with their developers.

We hope you choose to install and play this game on your Windows computer or your laptop depending on what kind of computer you have. It’s a lot of fun to play and it will only improve in the future with upcoming updates from the developers. Keep in mind that it does require 191 MB of space to install on your Android device, however this is very little space when you install it on your computer.

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