How to play TwoDots and other fun puzzles games online

TwoDots is a fun new puzzle game that has been trending on the Android market. It’s currently in the 2nd place spot for top free games on the Google play store and is quickly growing in downloads with a huge fan-base already of over 1 million players in over 70 different countries around the globe.

You could say that TwoDots is the predecessor to Dots: A Game About Connecting, an even more popular game by the same developers Playdots, but a somewhat older game that was last updated in May of 2014. Those two games are the only ones that were released into the Android market, but they have given the company a Top Developer status on the store.

TwoDots play puzzle games online

TwoDots Puzzle Game Features and Reviews

This puzzle app has a 4.1 rating from around 65,000 players who decided to leave a rating. Of those people, many of them decided to leave reviews to help other gamers like yourself decide if this is a game you’d like to play. It also helps reveal any bugs or issues that might make the app currently unplayable and will save you the time downloading and installing it.

Flow Free is another puzzle game available for Android and Windows PC.

Sorting the reviews for Two Dots by the most recent will reveal that there are still mixed feelings about this free app. There were a wide-variety of feelings that ranged from just 1 and 2 stars to multiple 4 and 5 star reviews.

Those who felt badly about this app said that it’s a fun game to play, but it’s not very fair. He thinks that the devs created the game in a way that slowly pulls money from your pockets if you enjoy playing it and want to progress to higher levels. We personally disagree and feel like because the game is free to download and play, the owners of the app should have a proper strategy for funding it, and if that includes trying to convince users to purchase items in game, then more power to them!

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