Play Kim Kardashian game – Download Kim K app

Kim Kardashian Hollywood app

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a free app for smart phones and is now available for download on your computer.

Pretty much, if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a Hollywood super-star, then this game is probably as close as you’re going to get!

Play as Kim Kardashian and earn revenue for the store!

You can even create your own celeb and try your best to become famous and make it big. Start out by customizing your style, look and then head out to the red carpet.

The game is interesting because it doesn’t just stop with Kim Kardashian, but there are also other awesome celebrities that you will run into along with fans and you guessed it, paparazzi.
kim kardashian hollywood game

Kim Kardashian Hollywood reviews for Android and iOS

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood free game has exploded since its release and has over 82,000 5 star ratings!

One of the users said that the game is really addicting though, so be careful!

As soon as you’re done with one gig, you’ll probably be getting calls to go show up at the next one, and some of the actions in the game cost actual money to progress quickly.

kim kardashian hollywood app

Read about how someone spent almost $500 on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game app.

How to download, play and install Kim Kardashian Hollywood game using an Android APK

kim kardashian hollywood free download guide for pc

Alright, if you’re ready to download and play the Kim Kardashian game, then you’re going to have to install BlueStacks App Player, which is also free.

Head over to and click the green button titled “Download App Player” for XP, Vista or Windows 7 / 8.

After it’s finished installing, open the file in your downloads folder and wait for the program to finish installing.

kim kardashian hollywood don't download hacks or cheats!

Once you launch BlueStacks, you should see a huge white search button in the top left corner. Click that button and type in “kim” then hit enter to find the game.

Open the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app and click the green install button. Once it’s done installing, you will see a play button to open the game right there on your computer.

kim kardashian hollywood: work hard for unlimited stars

You can also download the Kim K app using an APK file if you’re using an Android phone or even on your BlueStacks player. The first thing you have to do is head over to Google and type in “Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game App APK” and then find a credible website like to download the APK file from. This isn’t a cheat or a hack tool so don’t worry about getting into any trouble with your account for using it.

After you download the APK file, all you have to do to use it with your Android device is drag it over into one of the folders on your phone using your USB charger and connecting your phone to your computer PC. This should work for Windows XP or 7 or 8 or even MAC users.

After you drag that APK file into your phone you will need to download a file manager.  Use the google play store to find a file manager app.  Most of them are free and almost any app can get the job done.  After you install the file manager on your phone, use it to locate apk file in the same folder  where you saved it at in the first place.  Extracting the files into your phone will give you access to the game in your apps list.

Why you shouldn’t use cheats or hack tools on Kim Kardashian game

App developers are starting to crack down on cheaters and those who use hack tools to get ahead in games.  If you do not want to get your account deleted and lose all your progress, then i suggest you the night attempt 2 earn unlimited stars free revenue or use any cheat codes in your Kim K game store.

Still stuck? Watch our video guide below!


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