Play Band Stars on PC – Free Android Game Download

Band Stars is a free Android game that you can download and play on your Windows PC using the BlueStacks emulator, which is a free mobile app player they gives you access to the Google play store on your computer. You can also play this game on any Android device including smart phones or tablets, by simply searching for it on the Google play store app within your phone.

So this game was developed by the popular developer known as Halfbrick Studios. You may be familiar with some of their other many popular apps such as Bears vs. Art, Fruit Ninja, Colossatron and Jetpack Joyride. All of these games and many more can be downloaded for free on the Google play store and play it on your Windows PC using the app player that we mentioned up above.

Band Stars was released under the music category of the Android marketplace and it allows you to form your very own band and then make your way into the studio and start recording your own music. As you train up your band you will be able to compete in many different challenges to help you make your way to the top of the leaderboard in the charts where fame and fortune wait for you.

There is a local, a national and even a global chart that you can try to conquer that will allow you to discover each of the 50 different Band Stars characters and compete in over 200 different challenges to make this game very interesting and exciting in the long run.

Band Stars best features of the game

Play Band Stars on PCSo Band Stars has tons of great features such as allowing you to compete with all of your friends online to see who can gain the most start him and work their way to the top of the position on whatever leaderboard you decide to compete for. Once you get very good at this game you will be able to pull off very insane combos and be able to boost your song points quickly and easily as you blend different genres music and lyrical styles.

You can even take it as far as to hire your very own band members and work your way up to be able to unlock all 50 of them, each of them coming with their very own style and set of challenges that you’re going to have to try to figure out if you really want to succeed in this game. As you continue to progress through Band Stars he will be able to earn coins and be able to upgrade your gear to help improve your music, and if you really want to get fancy you can start upgrading your studio with things like hot tubs an arcade machines to help keep your musicians busy and happy, but be careful to not preoccupy them too much so that you can focus on making awesome music.

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We hope you choose to download and play Band Stars on your Windows PC or laptop, or even check it out on your Android device using the Google play store app on your phone. There is tons to do while playing this game, and tons of different styles of music that you can create. Keep in mind that while this game is completely free to play there are in game items that you can purchase that will help you progress quicker through the game if you get stuck at any point, however they are not necessary to have a good time with Band Stars.

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