Panda Pop Game Online – Free App Download

Panda Pop online is a popular puzzle game on the Google play store that you can download for free onto your Android device by simply searching for it on the Google play store app on your Android smart phone or tablet. You can also play it on any Windows laptop or computer using the BlueStacks mobile app player.

The Panda Pop app allows you to rescue baby pandas from the baboon that has kidnapped and trap them in the jungle. You can consider this game as a strategy style matching bubbles game that allows you to burst matching bubbles and help beat the kidnapper to bring the baby pandas home.

Panda Pop Game Features Online

This app features lots of amazing things that make it unique from other bubble popping games including 250+ levels with all of their own unique obstacles in each level. The graphics are very interesting as well and bring you very cute animations that will make the game very addicting and fun to play.

Panda Pop also allows you to connect to your Facebook account and be able to play Panda Pop with all of your friends and enjoy special rewards and events at the same time. If you would like to sync this app with your Google play store then you can use it and play all multiple devices and platforms.

Latest update for Panda Pop app online the Google play store

Panda Pop Game Online Free AppPanda Pop was last updated on May 5, 2015 where the mobile app developer SGN made a few significant changes to the overall gameplay by adding in two new worlds for you to playing and 20 new levels on the Night Oasis and Sunrise View. This now brings the game to over 360 different levels for you to enjoy and play through. The final change that was made in this current version is various performance improvements that hopefully smoothing out the gameplay for many different people playing on different devices.

Users who left a rating or a review for this game were giving fairly mixed results with lots of one star reviews and lots of five-star reviews as well. Those who left a one star review were saying that they were unable to play the game because they last updated it and now it won’t let them play. He said that as soon as he presses the level number it shuts down the app. This seems to be a recurring theme on the current reviews on the Google play store, with another user complaining that he doesn’t get all of the rewards that he earns, and that this is the third time that he had to purchase coins and didn’t get them either.

Many other users however left five-star reviews on the Google play store saying that it is a wonderful game and it is hard to put down and stop playing it. Another user said that it’s very fun and she enjoys working to save the baby pandas while she plays this game. We definitely think you should download and install and play this game to try it out for yourself and see if you would enjoy it or not. If you’re interested in the style of puzzle games then you’re sure to enjoy this one by very popular and top developer on the Google play store called SGN.

SGN is also responsible for many of the other popular puzzle games on the Android marketplace. You may have heard of some of them because they include such popular titles as Juice Jam, Cookie Jam and you guessed it, Panda Jam! You can download and play all of these for free by searching for them on the Google play store within your Android device, and then simply clicking the green install button on apps official page to install the game automatically onto your device.

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