New, Exciting Club Manager Game Launched

The thing with most online football manager games is that they are either too difficult to understand or just have very little up-to-date content. This has however changed with the introduction of Club Manager 2019; a free online football manager game conveniently made available on iOS, Android and PC (desktop or browser games).
Once you join the game you will be provided with a fairly simple team, and your ultimate goal will be to lead it to glory and secure you team’s place in history by clinching both League and Cup competitions.

acquiring better players

Club Manager primarily revolves around cards, and it is incumbent upon you to open card packs so as to increase your chances of acquiring better players, items and upgrades. Items can come in the form of Stamina Recovery cards—to recover the stamina of you players—and Perfect Attorney cards—to immediately dissolve the suspension of a player—whereas upgrades are in the form of pitch upgrades, stadium upgrades, gym upgrades and the likes.

There are a number of football matches such as exhibition matches, division matches and competitions matches which can be played on a daily basis, whenever you wish to initiate them.
Even better is the fact that you are be rewarded with free Manager Cash, albeit in the form of in-game currency, after every football match. This candidly means you’ll be rewarded with Manager Cash whether you win, draw or even lose!

preferred lineup

As the manager of your football team, you are also at liberty to choose your preferred line up, freely opting to make whichever tweaks and changes in your tactical formation that best suit your football philosophy.
One of the first things you will take cognizance of once you login is the fact that the game has an easily accessible user interface that will help you understand how to play it sooner rather than later.

compellingly guide

Furthermore, Club Manager has in-game assistance fitted with notifications to compellingly guide you as you explore the game, whereas limited loading times deliver a flawless, unforgettable gaming experience.

Train your players
Additional features in the game include an instant in-game chat mechanism to communicate with friends and other players, and a range of milestones and achievements meant to elevate the status of your club from the lower cadres to the very summit of the top tier.
Are you fit for the challenge? Be sure to play the desktop version of the game now!

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