Marvel Contest of Champions – April 22, 2015 Update – Action Game by Kabam

Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that has blown up on the Google play store’s Android marketplace. It now has over 10 million installs and is running on version 3.0.0 requiring an android device of 4.0 and up. There has also been over 650,000 players all around the world who left ratings for this game which bring it to its current 4.2 star rating.

In the most recent update on April 22, 2015 the developers made various changes to the game that you may be interested in. Some of these changes include things like adding access to all of the social features the of the social hub. You can also now work together with your alliance to be able to complete different objectives and receive various rewards. Some other features that were added include duals, which give you the opportunity to take on players Summoners’ Champions and earn various prizes.

Marvel Contest of Champions April 22, 2015 UpdateOn top of these added features, there were various improvements that the developer Kabam seemed fit to make. These include fixing several issues with hero ratings that will fluctuate at different times. There is also a confirmation screen I was added that comes up whenever you are spending units on Stan Amant recharges and unlocking arenas. Hopefully this will stop people from making simple and honest mistakes so that you do not waste your units.

We hope that Marvel Contest of Champions continues to improve and bring you a unique new gameplay that you will enjoy in the future. This game has already made editor’s choice on the Google play store and provides an action game that will keep you busy for hours upon hours.

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