Marvel Contest of Champions App Review: Why you should be playing it!

Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that was recently released by Kabam game developers and last updated on December 10, 2014. Kabam is an application developer who makes games for the Android market such as Fast and Furious 6 The Hunger Games, The Hobbit App, and even Heroes of Camelot for PC. They’re responsible for many more of the best games on the Android market and continue to come out with awesome games that are free to download without having to pay anything to play.

We certainly hope that their previous list of large accomplishments in awesome games will convince you to download this game as soon as possible and play it on anything including Android smart-phones, iOS and even your desktop computer using an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

Features and Game Overview of Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions has lots of great features that make an interactive game and certainly not a low budget app with the quite often with lower budget development companies. While playing this game you will notice that you are able to build an entire team of champions including heroes and villains. You request relies on your ability to defeat Kang, and to prevent the destruction of the marvel universe.

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One of the most amazing things about Marvel Contest of Champions is that it is now available in 1080p for high definition gaming on an android tablet compatible with 1080p games. If you’re using an app that is compatible then we certainly hope that you try this game out as the aren’t that many out there exactly like it, which is another great thing about this developer. The design games that about unique and original and then copy of ideas of other people. That way you get an entirely unique experience in adventure through something that you’ve never experienced before in other games.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews and Ratings on the Google Play Store

Keep in mind that Marvel Contest of Champions is still fairly and new game. It takes a while for new developers releasing games live into the mic it until the game is completely bug and error free. Marvel Contest of Champions specifically was last updated on december 10th less than a week ago. I’m there special app page they had stated that they’re fixing various bugs and optimizing other features of the game and making it available in different languages are around the world.

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People who review game were saying that they were somewhat disappointed because of the bugs that are currently available that force you to use a micro transaction system which apparently is also buggy while playing on the note 2. Someone else said that they were crashing up to 10 times in just 10 minutes and that the owner actually even that satisfied with the graphics on this game.

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That however is a few people out of thousands of reviews from many other people who completely enjoyed and loved playing the game. A guy named Dave specifically said that it was awesome doing tournament fighting and that the engine for the fading features of the game works very well and that you enjoy having a new and interactive way to do battle with their favorite marvel characters.

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