Latest RPG game Legion of Heroes Nexon released for Android

Legion of Heroes ranked in 8th place in our best role playing games for 2014. The developers, NEXON M, give gamers a unique new experience in the world of MMORPG’s.

Legion of Heroes Features, Ratings and Reviews

There is a massive 3-dimensional world behind this game that you can explore with your friends which includes various aspects of battle in a dynamic and tactical style of combat. Your opponents are real people and could be from any part of the world, because the game currently boasts of well over a million installs and a steady 4.3 rating from its fans.

The most recent batch of reviews for Legion of Heroes, users were quick to mention how amazing and fun the game is. Phillip said that he’s been waiting for an MMORPG game like this one and he couldn’t ask for anything better because he can play with all of his friends in the same world together.

Legion of Heroes free mmorpg game

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Others who found the game less than impressive were stuck trying to find their way around the game. I guess if you aren’t familiar with these types of games then there might be a learning curve to conquer at first. Kim also mentioned that the graphics and sound both worth perfectly together to give the game a very high-budget type of feel.

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