Become a Kim Kardashian Hollywood Star online with an Android or iOS phone

kim kardashian hollywood game

If you’re not already aware of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game; the app that has been trending on the android market for quite some time now, then it’s about time you got caught up! The developer of the app, along with Kim Kardashian herself, have quickly gained popularity online, becoming one of the top downloaded apps on the Google play store and on iOS. This app can be downloaded and installed from the Google play store, but what we want to share with you today is how to become a top star on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app and be successful as a celebrity.

Starting out you’re going to have to take things slow and build up your reputation with various managers, photographers and other celebrities that are in the game. You want me to build contacts and create a unique style that will stand out among others in-order to become a star as well. This is why becoming a celebrity is all about: marketing yourself and building contacts in the industry.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood app features:

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood app give you lots of various features and customization’s to make your character or celebrity the most unique person in Hollywood. It’s things like costumes and outfits that you’re going to have to pick-out, among other things, that will make you stand out in a crowd of people, and show your unique personality as a future celebrity.

kim kardashian hollywood app

Date your favorite celebrities and the hottest actors alive!

Now as you know in the world celebrities, one of the most talked about subjects is “who’s dating who”. Whenever one celebrity begins dating another celebrity, there is usually a huge story to go along with it in magazines and on internet articles. When the story begins to trend online and on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then so does particular celebrities, who begins to build a huge amount of fans and a following that wants to know if the relationship will work out or even what kind of things the celebrities do when they’re dating. And that’s exactly what you can do in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app where you’ll be able to date and even dump celebrities by the attending parties around LA. Then as you flirt with other people and celebrities, you have the chance to actually become a couple and build a relationship.

You will also encounter many fans will like who you, as well as annoying paparazzi workers who can’t seem to get enough of you. With your popularity growth, you’re even able to hang out with some of the hottest celebrities like Kim Kardashian herself; and that’s when you know that your fame has taken off and you’ll be able to enjoy it all of the games interactive features that the developers have set up for you.

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