Dragon Mania Legends for PC (Windows 7/8/XP & Laptop)

Dragon Mania Legends is the latest game released by the mobile app game developer known as Gameloft. Gameloft has been releasing tons of apps, many of which are already trending on the Google play store which you have already played. Some of these games include popular titles such as Despicable Me, Cars: Fast as Lightning and Ice Age Adventures just to name a few.

So Dragon Mania Legends was released on January 7, 2015 into the casual section of the Google play store. Some of the most popular casual apps that are free including games such as Looney Tunes Dash, Pou and Candy Crush Soda.

Downloading Dragon Mania Legends on your Android smart phone

play Dragon Mania Legends on your Windows computerIf you’re interested in downloading or installing Dragon Mania Legends on your Android smart phone or tablet you going to have to go to the Google play store by navigating to your Google play store app on your smart phone and then simply searching for Dragon Mania Legends and in choosing the correct game, then once you find the right you simply open it up and click the green install to begin downloading the game your device.

One thing that makes Dragon Mania Legends such a great game is that it allows you to build your own legendary Dragon and be able to collect all of the different styles of dragons that the app developers have created for you. Once you have an awesome list of dragons in your game, you are able to even read them and to be able to create new legendary dragons that people have never seen before.

Once you feel like you dragons are ready for battle you simply take them into the field and then you can simply battle in combat with other players online. Perhaps the best feature of Dragon Mania Legends is that he can build and create your very own Dragon Island. You Dragon Island is packed with many awesome looking buildings and structures that are colorful and fun. It really gets interactive because there is different functions for every building and you can use strategic strategies to be able to create us a town that is indestructible.

Features of Dragon Mania Legends

Another great feature of Dragon Mania Legends is that it is a lot like the popular game Clash of Clans in that you can help out your friends or even bite them in battles onlineĀ  Later sending them troops are choosing to them whenever you feel like you dragons are strong enough.

The developers of Dragon Mania Legends have also noted that there are various connectivity issues that some users are experiencing. If you are one of those users than we recommend that you hold off on playing Dragon Mania Legends so that you are frustrated with the current connectivity problems. Where should the developers will let you know the Google play store official page whenever these issues are fixed, so make sure to check back at least once a week for updates.

Install Dragon Mania Legends using a free mobile app player

You can also download and install Dragon Mania Legends using a free mobile app player such as BlueStacks. What BlueStacks allows you to do is be able to download and play all of your favorite mobile app games from your Android smart phone, and be able to play them directly on your large screen PC or laptop. BlueStacks is compatible with nearly any Windows computer, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and even windows XP.

You can download the BlueStacks mobile app player from www.BlueStacks.com, and simply clicking the green download button from their homepage. Once you have BlueStacks installed on your computer, go ahead and open it up and then run a search for Dragon Mania Legends. You’ll be able to download Dragon Mania Legends and install it exactly the same as you would on your Android smart phone by clicking the green install button. You should also note that BlueStacks is a legitimate mobile app player and will ask you to log into your Google play store account using your Gmail email address.

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