Install Clash of Kings on PC Download Windows 7/8/XP Computer

Clash of Kings is an Android strategy game that you can download and install for your Windows PC computer or laptop. We can do this by installing an Android emulator such as the one we will list down below in this article. An Android emulator is free computer software they gives you access to the Google play store app that you would normally see on your smart phone or tablet, but now you can use it on your computer.

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How to download and install and play Clash of Kings on your Windows PC computer or laptop

How to download and install and play Clash of KingsIf you would like to go ahead and install the game Clash of Kings and play it on your desktop monitor, then simply follow the instructions down below and we will walk you through step-by-step how to do this. Clash of Kings is an awesome and fun game to play on any Android device, but it is much better and more entertaining on a larger screen.

Step 1. Click one of the social media buttons down below and share this game with your friends so that you can play online.

Step 2. Install the app player called BlueStacks from their homepage at
Step 3. After logging into your Google play account, search for the game titled Clash of Kings within the app player on the Google play store. You can do this by clicking the magnifying glass icon, which is the search button in the top left corner of the BlueStacks home screen.
Step 4. When you find the correct game that you would like to install and play, simply open up the apps page and then click the green install button to allow the BlueStacks app player to automatically begin downloading and installing the game for you.
Step 5. After the download is complete, you can now play the game by clicking the green open button on apps official page. You can also launch and play the game by clicking the games icon on the BlueStacks home screen in the top row under the category of “All Apps.”

If you have any problems or issues with using the BlueStacks app player to play Clash of Kings on your computer, then you can use some other alternatives that might work better. These include emulators such as Andyroid and Genymotion.

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Game description and features on the Google play store online

Clash of Kings on your Windows PC computer or laptopClash of Kings is a strategy action style game that allows you to build your very own Empire and try to take over all 7 of the fantasy kingdoms online. You can play and player versus player mode or in multiplayer where you can attempt to conquer the kingdoms and survive all of their tax that go against your city. You will be fighting with enemies and opponents from all across the globe who are also trying to build a massive Empire to take control of your town.

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Latest updates

Clash of Kings on your Windows PC computer or laptopThis game was last updated just recently on June 17, 2015, where the mobile app developer known as Elex Wireless made many changes to the content and gameplay of the game. This brings the app into version 1.0.95, and the patch included makes the available group chat workable, so that you can contact your other teammates in allies and discuss some strategies before you go in an attack. Another change was a new item that was added called the armor plate, which allows you to substitute equipment during forging. Also you can use 4 pieces from the same armor plate to be able to synthesize a higher level plate.

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Ratings and reviews on the Android Market

install the game Clash of KingsClash of Kings is one of the most popular action strategy games on the Android Market online right now. This game has over 750,000 ratings with an overall score 4.3 stars out of 5. Many of these users who rated the game 5 stars or even one star left a written review on the Google play store to allow other gamers to know what’s great about this game and what they don’t think is very good. Here are some of the most helpful reviews that are currently online for you to look through.

Ratings and reviews on the Android MarketOne user named Sean said that the game is for preteens and babies, but he still rated the game 5 stars. He wrote that the game is very addictive and that he plays at least 10 hours a day, and this is in a guy that looks like a teenager, because he looks like a much older man. He said that he plays when he’s at work, when he’s at home, in the shower and even lollies waiting in line at the grocery store while his wife a shopping. He pretty much says he plays his game everywhere he goes.

Latest updatesAnother female user rated the game with just one star out of 5. This review was on June 17, 2015, and she said that this game is all about making money. She said that with every new update the game crashes for her and that it is simply blamed on the devices, and out with issues that the game is facing. This isn’t the only user that reported this problem because another user who rated the game on the same day said that the game is quite frustrating, because even though it is a great game, it crashes several times every login. He also said that it is worse when the game gets busy during wars because he’s lost multiple troops because of the crashes.

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Hopefully the developers address some of these recent issues from the most recent update, because lots of people are having a great time playing this entertaining and addictive game, but others are still facing some problems and it would be nice if everyone would get to enjoy this great game that this awesome and good developer has released and continues to update with new content.

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