How to play Word Crack Free for your Windows computer

In this article, we will be talking about Etermax’s latest android game by the name of Word Crack Free. Now Word Crack Free was released a couple months ago and hasn’t really released any significant updates since September 15, 2014, it’s still a trending app on the Android market and the Google play store.

If you’re already familiar with other word games like Ruzzle, then were sure you’ll pick up on the gameplay style very quickly. It’s advertised as a fast and fun word game that you can play with your friends to see who’s the smartest and fastest. You’re able to play against Facebook friends and even other random people who just have the app download on their phones as well.

Your goal is to form as many words as you possibly can by using your fingers to drag the letters across the screen and onto the board up above. You can move the letters upwards, downwards, backwards and even diagonally to be able to spell out your words. It’s a great way to train your brain and spend your time productively while you’re on your phone taking a poop.

Did you also know that Word Crack Free is available in 12 different languages: Spanish, American English, British English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and now, also Basque! Now that’s pretty impressive because I personally can only speak to fluently, so the developers over at Etermax have been doing a great job with hiring many trilingual programmers.

Let’s get to the ratings and reviews for Word Crack Free

Download Word Crack Free to your PC computer

Word Crack Free has already been installed over 1 million times. The Google place or isn’t very accurate with their installs because they put the range somewhere between one and 5 million, so you make the guess. It also holds a rating of 4.2 stars currently, and that’s with over 38,005 star ratings, and am sure that will be able to make it 39,000 just by the people reading this article over the next week, or at least I hope so.

If we sort the reviews by helpfulness, were able to see that the game does have a few one star ratings. One user by the name of George said that American is not English, and he wants to developers to list the American flag as American, we think he’s just making a big deal out of a simple mistake. Other users such as Tracy, had rated Word Crack Free with five stars and said that it’s her new addiction. She had made this review back in November, where she had written that it’s one of the better games that can hold her attention span, and that she enjoys playing it very much while pooping.

ratings and reviews for Word Crack FreeDownload Word Crack Free to your PC computer

We hope that you will also download the Word Crack Free game, and if you would like to download it to your PC computer, then follow along and will show you how.

The first step is going to be to download a BlueStacks mobile app layer that will allow you to gain access into the Google play store using your email account. What BlueStacks is trying to do here is simply synchronize your currently installed apps on your smart phone, and be able to play them on your computer. You can download the BlueStacks mobile app layer by going to and then clicking the green download button on their homepage. After you install BlueStacks go ahead and launch it from your desktop. And then locate the search button in the top left corner of the BlueStacks player, and simply type in Word Crack Free.

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