How to Play War of Nations for PC Computer – Windows Download Guide

Ready for an MMO that’s not too complicated, offers immediate rewards, and could be your next obsession?  Check out GREE’s War of Nations, now available for Android devices.

Since it is beginner-friendly, you can start your domination by learning the ropes for six days while you have the protection of a force field.  It gives you enough time to start putting up buildings on your hexagon grid, and finding your way.

War of Nations game: a free download guide

There are many ways that you can go about downloading world nations to your pc computer. This message should work if you are using either an Android phone or a computer using windows or mac operating system. There were complaints about the mobile app player not working for the mac computer.

So if you would like to download War of Nations using an apk file which is probably the simplest method that you can find, then go ahead and start by going to and typing in War of Nations APK game file. Download the file and save it somewhere on to your pc computer. Next open google play store on your phone and search for file manager app. You are you file manager to locate the apk file that you saved earlier. When you’re ready go ahead and connect your phone to your computer using an usb cord like the one from your charger. After you connect to your computer and you will see a pop up in your task bar. Locate your phone for the info on my computer and open them and then move the apk file into one of the folders that you will be able to find later. Now go back to the file manager on your phone and locate the file and then extract it to your phone After you extract, the game should now work and be playable from your applications list.

War of Nations Game Features

Once you start sending armies out, be prepared for all-out warfare.  Resources – iron, fuel, and oil — are the name of the game here.  They are fairly easy to get, even without paying out cold cash.  (If you go through GREE’s tutorial, you are rewarded with a generous amount of gold to invest.)

Then, start forming alliances via the chat channel, keep an eye on your enemies (and neighbors), and head out for raids.  Gain strength by adding Commanders, whose leadership boost your forces.  You can also collect the spoils – though you shouldn’t waste too much time on that, because you’ll need to protect your own borders.

Whether you’re the aggressive warrior, the alliance-builder, or the defensive genius, you’ll find what you’re looking for in War of Nations.

war of nations features

How to Download War of Nations for Computer

It’s easier than you may think to download War of Nations for your Windows PC.

  1. Download BlueStacks app player from
  2. Install and open BlueStacks and log into your Google Play account.
  3. Search for War of Nations and open the apps page.
  4. Install and play the game on your computer.

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