How to Play the Jolly Jam Game On PC Computer

Jolly Jam is a match and puzzle game that was developed by a very popular developer known as Rovio Stars. You can download and play this game for free on any Android device, and you can also install and play this game on your desktop computer monitor using and Android app player online.

Follow along in this article and we will walk you through the steps necessary to get this game working on your PC.

You may be familiar with some of Rovio’s many other popular games and apps on the Google play store such as Juice Cubes, Plunder Pirates, Tiny Thief and Sky Punks, an endless runner game. All of these games and many more can be downloaded for free by simply searching for them using the Google play store app on your phone.

Jolly Jam app features and gameplay

Jolly Jam is a very fun puzzle game that brings a new twist on the popular matching pieces theme. In this game it is your duty to save Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom by defeating the evil boss and his wicked, but cute minions. There are hundreds of different levels that are packed with different types of fruits and jellies that you have to blast your way through.

This free mobile game features awesome combo attacks and boosters that you can earn to unleash colorful explosions, as well as the ability to challenge your friends online and other players all around the world to see who’s the best Jolly Jam player.

How to download Jolly Jam: Match and Puzzle for PC

How to download Jolly Jam: Match and Puzzle for PC

If you would like to play Jolly Jam on your computer or laptop then you’re going to need to install an Android emulator. This is a program that will give you access to the Google play store app on your PC and allow you to install all of your favorite games and apps and play them online. Follow the instructions down below to get this game working.

Step 1. Install the BlueStacks app player from their homepage at
Step 2. Launch the BlueStacks app player from your desktop, and then use it to search for the game titled the Jolly Jam on the Google play store.
Step 3. Once you locate the correct game, simply open up the apps official page and click the green install button to allow the player to automatically download and install the game.
Step 4. When this process is complete, you will now see an open button that will launch the game on your desktop monitor. You can also locate the app by searching for it on the BlueStacks home screen.

Latest update on the Google play store

Jolly Jam was last updated on June 7, 2015, where the developers moved app into version 3.7. In this latest patch they added in a many new puzzles, including 15 new levels just in time for the summer. They also started and their unique holiday sale and added in more content such as collectibles to give you something to work towards as you progress through the game.

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