How to Play Farm Story 2: Birthday Party for PC (Windows and Mac)

Farm Story 2: Birthday Party is a free Android game that was developed by Storm8 Studios and released onto the Google play store just recently into the casual category of games and apps. You can download and play this game on your desktop PC using an Android app player such as the one we are going to share with you later-on in this article.

This mobile app was created to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the popular Farm Story games. Just like the other Farm Story games you may have played before you are able to raise your own crops and animals in this game as you discover many new and hidden surprises along the way. You can learn how to run your very own farm and even trade goods such as potatoes, eggs and even bacon with your friends online.

There are also many fun mini-games included that will keep you entertained as a construct a new buildings and grow new crops in this fun and exciting app. The developers have went through great lengths to construct a beautiful three-dimensional world where you can harvest almost any type of cops and win exclusive prizes along the way.

In this series of Farm Story 2: Birthday Party, you get to join all of your favorite and friendly characters such as Jed Fallows, who is the old farmer who is going to teach you many new secrets and give you advice along the way to help you run a successful farm, so don’t worry if you don’t have enough experience in running farms and growing food.

How to download and play Farm Story 2: Birthday Party on your PC for Windows and Mac computers

If you would like to start playing Farm Story 2: Birthday Party on your home computer monitor, then you’re going to need to install an Android app player such as BlueStacks, Andyroid or Genymotion. In the guy down below we are going to be using the BlueStacks app player, which is a free Android emulator that will give you access to all of your favorite games and apps online via the Google play store.

Step 1. Install the BlueStacks app player to your PC computer. You can find the software at
Step 2. Search for the game titled Farm Story 2: Birthday Party within the BlueStacks app player by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner of the home screen.
Step 3. When you locate the correct game that you would like to install, all you have to do is click the green install button on the apps page, just like you would on any Android device.
Step 4. Once the installation process is complete, you will then be able to start playing Farm Story on your desktop monitor or laptop by clicking the green open button which will replace the install button that you previously clicked.

Ratings and reviews on the Google play store

If you’re interested in playing Farm Story 2: Birthday Party, then you may be interested to hear what other users are saying about the game so far. While this app is still fairly new, and only in version 1.7, there are already lots of reviews from users all around the world.

One user named Kevin said that whenever you 1st install the game and begin playing it, you might find it boring. But once you reach levels 4 – 5, he gets a lot more interesting because you get access to the online shopper you can do many more fun things. This seems to be the consensus among many other users, because you 1st have to complete the tutorial to learn how to play the game, so it starts off very slowly but then picks up speed and gets a lot more interesting and exciting as you continue to play.

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