How to download Angry Birds Go & play on desktop PC computer (Windows XP, 7, 8)

What’s going on the Android fans in this article to me talk about the latest game to hit racing market on the android Google play store goes by the name of Angry Birds Go. Angry Birds Go was developed by the all too popular app developer company called Rovio Mobile. Rovio Mobile is responsible for all of Angry Birds Go games to date and has quickly gained their status as a top developer on the Google play store make an android games and apps.

Download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer or your android

If you’d like to download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer or your android smartphone or tablet were to walk you through how to do that in this article after first talking about some of the features of this game that make it awesome and unique to all of the other angry birds games that have been released so far.

The reason is game is called Angry Birds Go, is because it’s no longer the typical shooting game that you’re so used to with angry birds franchise. This game is a racing style game that lets you take downhill racing to the next level by racing your angry birds on Piggy Island, an entirely new map that was developed by the Rovio developers and designers and artists to give you unique new experience with the angry birds series.

One thing that makes the Angry Birds Go game so awesome is that it provides a three-dimensional racing style game that is full of awesome and rich colorful graphics that you can use to race your birds are pigs through the map and try to become one of the fastest and quickest and most strategic players in the game.

How to download Angry Birds Go

How to download Angry Birds Go game

Yet use all your favorite characters from the angry birds series such as Red, Chuck, Stella, King Pig, Moustache Pig and others. Once you choose your character you get to set out on the tracks that were designed for you that are full of start roads, air courses, off-road races in the typical race track that is making up the majority of the map. On top of that there are lots of special powers that you can use to get it to manage in the game that you can win in first place. Lot of the special powers include things like being able to smasher opponents off the road and be able to use other upgrades that are unique to each character and different.

There also varies game modes and Angry Birds Go such as Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase and the popular Versus Mode. Each mode provides unique style of gameplay that are different from each other, and were sure that your quickly going to develop your favorites. Another unique features that you can team up in a multiplayer mode to play against your friends in teams of five and be able to compete against others in three versus three races.

If you'd like to download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop

If you'd like to download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer

The telepods also a new way to play this game, which essentially let you teleport all your favorite characters into the race by playing your Angry Birds Go telepods.

Download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer

If you’d like to download Angry Birds Go and play on your desktop PC computer, then here’s a guy that you can want to follow to be able to do this. Start out by going to the and downloading their free mobile app player from the homepage using the green download button. Once you download this mobile app player go ahead and install it on your computer and launch of for the first time from your desktop or your program files. After he launch BlueStacks for the first time it will ask you to log into your Google play store account so that it can sync up all your games from your mobile phone.

If you'd like to download Angry Birds Go and play

After syncs up these games and launches to the homepage, then you’ll be able to run a search for Angry Birds Go, and by hitting enter on your keyboard you’ll be able to search for the Google play store for this exact game. After you find the correct app go ahead and open it up and click the green install button just like you would on a smart phone or tablet. We for the game to finish installing and downloading and then simply click the open button to begin playing the game. If the app closes for any reason you’ll be able to find they are installed games in your all apps section which is the top right corner of the BlueStacks app player.

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