How to Play AlphaBetty Saga – Free Download (Windows)

AlphaBetty Saga is a game that was developed for Android gamers, but also made available to play as a free download on any Windows PC or laptop. You may be familiar with some of King’s other popular games and apps on the Google play store such as Candy Crush Soda Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Diamond Digger Saga.

You can play all of these games and more games from the Android Market by using the BlueStacks app player, which will walk you through in this article how to install in use to play all of your favorite games and apps from the Google play store.

How to Play AlphaBetty Saga

Use three or more blocks to make words (two letter words not accepted)

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AlphaBetty Saga - Free DownloadIn this game it is your main mission to link three different tiles to create a word. You can combine more than three tiles to make larger words, but the minimum requirement is to use three different blocks to make any word that you would normally find in a dictionary. So words like AT, BE and IN are no good, and won’t be accepted. But words like CAT, HAT and BAT are good to use, and will work in this game.

Ratings online for AlphaBetty SagaYou can also link the titles from right to left to create words backwards such as TAC, TAH and TAB. All that’s required to select the letters is to click on them either with your mouse if you’re playing this game on computer, or by tapping them with your finger on your smart phone screen.

You can even link letters diagonally

To play and download AlphaBetty SagaAnother great feature of this game is that you can combine letters by crisscrossing them, as long as they’re connected diagonally. You can mix things up by going right down, then left the down, and then finish off your word by going across left even more letters. The possibilities are nearly endless and it is up to you to try to make the biggest words possible to score more points.

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Ratings online for AlphaBetty Saga

Ratings online for AlphaBetty SagaAlphaBetty Saga is a word game that was just recently released onto the Android Market into the puzzle category of games. This is this developers very first social and mobile word game that they have developed so far, and up to this point and has gotten great reviews on the Android marketplace with an overall rating of 4.4 stars from 16,000 players worldwide.

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To play and download AlphaBetty Saga for PC – Windows computer and laptop

AlphaBetty Saga for PC If you’re interested in playing the game AlphaBetty Saga on your Windows PC computer, then you’re going to need to use an Android emulator to access the Google play store app on your computer, much like you would on an Android device such as a smart phone or tablet. Follow the steps down below and we will walk you through how to do this.

Step one – Share this article with your friends online:

Step twoInstall the BlueStacks app player to your computer:
BlueStacks App Player

Step three – After logging into your Google play account, search for the game titled “AlphaBetty Saga” from the BlueStacks home screen by clicking the magnifying glass search icon in the top left corner.

Step four – Press the green install button on apps homepage within the BlueStacks app player.

Step five – Press the green open button to launch the game, or search for it in your all apps section from the BlueStacks home screen.

If you have any problems or issues using the BlueStacks app player to play this game on your computer, then you can use one of the other free alternatives online, and hopefully will have better luck.

Andyroid emualtorGenymotion emulator

Ratings and reviews on the Google play store

Windows computer and laptopAlthough this game is still fairly new, you can still read lots of ratings and reviews online users who tried the game and wanted to leave a comment for other players who are interested in learning more about the game before installing it onto their device.

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Ratings and reviewsOne user said that the game is pretty fun and challenging so far and that he hasn’t run into any bugs or issues yet. He also said that he enjoys how the game makes you really think and try to solve the puzzles. Another user said that King games are the best games on the Android Market and that they are a huge fan. She said she always downloads the new King games and she is never disappointed because it is as challenging as the rest of their games and very fresh.

Ratings and reviews on the Google play storeAnother user said that after she downloaded the game she was sent an email that said it would give her 50 gold bars after reaching level 5, and last night her bars were there but tonight they are not. Another user said that the game really drained her battery and that while they enjoyed playing it, it said that one of the permissions that the game asks prevents your phone from going into sleep mode so that the battery is gone in just a couple of hours.

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