How to Play Alphabear Game – Free Download for Windows PC

Alphabear is one of the most recent popular puzzle games that was developed by a mobile app developing company known as Spry Fox. Although these developers are still very new on the Google play store with only 3 other game titles including Triple Town and Steambirds, they have already achieved a top developer status on the Android marketplace.

One of the great things about games like Alphabear, is that there are extremely addictive, and they can also be installed onto any desktop computer or laptop and be played on the bigĀ  screen. Follow along in this article and we will show you how to download and play Alphabear for PC.

How do you play the Alphabear game?

If you take a look at some of the Alphabear screenshots from the Android game, you might be quickly confused about how to actually play this puzzle game. It’s actually fairly simple, and the main goal in this app is to spell words and collect all of the bears that give you power boosters to help you build up your score.

You have to spell different words by selecting the letters on the grid, and whenever you use the letters that are next to each other, then different bears will appear. If you use many letters in the same area, then the bear gets even bigger and you have a chance to earn even more points in the game.

You can also win bears in this game that you can hold onto them keep by doing a great job in the game, and the same bears can be used this power ups in future games and will help you grow in your points so that you can do things such as extending your time or even controlling how often certain letters appear.

The best way to get a grasp on what this game is all about is to actually downloaded and try playing it for yourself on your Android device or your Windows computer or laptop. This game should also work on a Mac computer as well.

How to download and play Alphabear for PC (Windows XP, 7, 8 & Mac)

If you’d like to start playing Alphabear on your computer, then follow the instructions down below as we install in Android app player, which is an emulator that gives you access to the Google play store app on your PC.

Step 1. Download and install the BlueStacks mobile app player for your computer. You can find the software at

Step 2. Launch the BlueStacks app player from your desktop or your program files and then log into your Google play store account using your Gmail email address.

Step 3. Once you reach the BlueStacks home screen, you can click the magnifying glass in the top left corner and search for any game or app that you would like to download and use with your computer. In this search box type in Alphabear and hit enter on your keyboard to run a search on the Google play store.

Step 4. Whenever you find the correct game or app that you would like to download, simply click the green install button on the apps official page, and this will allow the app player to automatically download and install the game for you.

You can now launch and start playing the game by clicking the green open button that will replace the install button mouse previously there. You can also launch the game by clicking the Alphabear icon on the BlueStacks home screen.

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