How to Play Adventure Town Game on Computer or Laptop

How to Download and Play Adventure Town on PC

To download the Adventure Town game / app for your computer, you will first need to install a mobile app player that gives you access to the Google play store. BlueStacks is a free mobile app player that lets you play all of your favorite mobile games on your desktop computer. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit and download their free mobile app player using the link on the homepage. For a guide on how to do this, check out the bluestacks link to the right.
  2. Next open up bluestacks and located the search button in the top left corner, then type in “Adventure Town” and hit enter on your keyboard.
  3. Once you find the games app page, open it up and click the Install button to begin installing the game to your computer.
  4. When the game is finished installing, you should see another green Open button that will launch the game on your computer.

Adventure Town was brought to us by Supersolid. Who are known for their family friendly adventure style games like Pororo Penguin Run and Super Penguins.

Adventure Town Game App Features, Graphics, Characters and Gameplay

How to Play Adventure Town Game on Computer or Laptop

Adventure Town is game which was made for the child in you. But this does not mean that an adult will not like it. With colorful graphics, and the cutest storyline this game has my attention and it will have your as well if you take just one look.

A charming, fun game designed to enthrall the toddlers has managed to get my attention through its innovative use of colors and characters. The gameplay is very simple to understand and the magical user interface of Adventure Town makes it a must download for every gamer.

The gameplay follows the main player on his quest to build homes and cities. The idea is to rebuild a town and to attract new heroes to fight for a good cause. Since we have the ability to build houses, it gives us the opportunity to create whole new towns according to our wish.

How to Download and Play Adventure Town on PC

As the game proceeds towards higher levels we have to fight with dark lords who threaten our very existence. Continuous challenges and rewards manages to keep Adventure Town engaging till the final levels.

The game is available for download free of cost on Google play store. Adventure Town has been rated very highly by gamers who have downloaded it.

They are usually in praise with the bright use of colors and also enjoyed it minimalistic design and simple gameplay. With new season quests being delivered this game keeps on getting more interesting.

I would highly recommend this game.