How to Play 100 Ballz on Computer or Laptop

Download 100 Ballz on PC

How to Play 100 Ballz on Computer or Laptop

To download 100 Ballz for your computer or laptop, you will need to first download a free mobile app player to gain access to Google’s play store and their games. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think and shouldn’t take but 10 minutes.

  1. Go to and download their free mobile app player for Windows or Mac. If you need a guide on how to do this, check out the right side of this page.
  2. Once you have BlueStacks open, do a search for 100 Ballz and open the apps main page on the market.
  3. Click the Install button to begin downloading the game and then the Open button once it’s finished to play it.

100 Ballz is a game released by FreaXator Games and their only other app created is Spikes Of Doom.

100 Ballz Gameplay and Features

How to Play 100 Ballz on Computer or Laptop

Simple and addictive- that’s the best way to describe 100 Ballz. It is one of those games which comes with a very simple concept and developers then blow it out of proportion to produce a dangerously addictive game.

100 Ballz is a simple game where the player aims to get the balls to pass through a gate into a glass. This will keep on continuing till the time all the balls pass through the gate and there is no more balls left in the container.

Although this might sound simple, the game gets very complicated once you start playing. The speed with which the balls drop keep on increasing with time, making life very difficult for the player.

As the speed increases the more difficult it gets to control the glass, so that the balls pass through it. The balls are color coded with each color carrying varying amount of points.

100 Ballz is available for download absolutely free of cost from Google’s play store. The game currently enjoys an average rating of 3.6out of five stars which might not necessarily be very impressive, but at the same time I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I would recommend this to anyone whose looking for an out of the box game. You are bound to get addicted 100 Ballz.