Download The Battle Camp App For Computer

Battle Camp takes role-playing games on the mobile smart phone to a whole new level. It’s been said to combine Pokemon with World of Warcraft in one game and gives players the opportunity to explore the giant virtual world that the PennyPop developers and graphics artists created for us.

The game Battle Camp was last updated on March 25, 2015. Since its release it has already been installed over 5 million times and currently has a 4.0 star rating from over 300,000 players. In this most recent update which is titled the Easter content update, you can find many new features that should improve the overall user experience and gameplay of Battle Camp.

One of the new features include the ability to challenge yourself in the survival league and you can even bed and when using the player versus player fort. Also make sure to check out r-boosting to be able to supercharger monsters. On top of these content updates there were also many bug fixes and tweaks that were made that should hopefully improve the rating and peoples thoughts about the game for having connection errors and other issues playing it.

Some of the great features of Battle Camp is that it’s a very social game, and you can make friends and enemies if you wish with all the people around you and even form alliances in the form of troops before trying to conquer the enemies in the troop war events.

Battle Camp got 4.0 stars out of five with 90,000 five-star ratings from gamers around the globe. Most people enjoyed this game and said that it’s very fun to play, much like Pokemon and that the gameplay might be slow at first, but really picks up after a few levels.

Battle Camp rpg gameThose who didn’t like the game so much said that it was kind-of spammy. There are lots of popups that try to get you to purchase items and exclusive content, but nothing that most other free games don’t have as well. Users also said not to connect to a Facebook account, or else the app will spam posts there as well.

To play this game on your Windows computer, you will need to use a mobile app player. It’s a fast and free solution for playing all of your favorite mobile games on your desktop computer.

  1. Navigate to and download their free mobile app player from the home page. For help with bluestacks, check out our guide to the right.
  2. When you have bluestacks up and running, do a search for Battle Camp and hit enter on your keyboard.
  3. Find the Battle Camp game app with the pink unicorn as the cover and open that page.
  4. Click the Install button to begin downloading and then Open to launch the game when it’s finished downloading.
  5. Enjoy playing Battle Camp!

If this guide for playing this awesome action role-playing game worked, then you can thank us below by giving us a +1! If it didn’t work, we recommend you try out another free emulator called Andyroid. Search for it on Google to find a download link from the official page.

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