Gummy Drop app: Play free online matching games!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, in this article were going to be talking about the brand-new game from Big Fish Games called Gummy Drop. This new casual style app was just released onto the android market via the Google play store, and the developer has a top developer status, which means lots of their games are fun to play and that there really on top of things.

As you can imagine, Gummy Drop is a puzzle game where the Gummies¬†drop from the top and then you have to match them up to get the highest score you possibly can. The game is fun and interesting and holds her attention because you get the jump from level to level, much like the game Candy Crush. It’s also much like a board game because you get the spin the wheel, which allows you to get extra moves as well as unlocking other items.

Gummy Drop app free online matching games!


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Gummy Drop is also fun game to play because you can add friends, and compete against each other to see who can get the highest score possible, or who’s got the fastest eye hand coordination when it comes to matching colors. The levels are fun and also interactive because they take random shapes, and you have to work around them to complete the puzzles. If you like going for large combos, then Gummy Drop definitely won’t disappoint you because you can keep that thing going for minutes, if you’re good enough. After you complete various levels on Gummy Drop, you pretty much take over that property and control it from then on.


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