Guide to playing Restaurant Story Coffee Shop game online

The latest game from TeamLava Games is called Restaurant Story Coffee Shop and and was recently released into the casual category of the Android Market on the Google play store.

Restaurant Story Coffee Shop allows you to take full control of your very own restaurant as a virtual game.

Features of Restaurant Story Coffee Shop:

Restaurant Story Coffee Shop as many features that make it a unique game and give it is 4.1 star rating. Some of those features include the ability to create the perfect restaurant that you’ve ever imagined. There’s huge variety of objects to choose from and you can really express yourself through the way the developers have created this game.

Another awesome feature of Restaurant Story Coffee Shop is that you can decorate your restaurant with literally hundreds of different items including things like tables, chairs, and you can even go as far as to change the wallpaper of the walls and at art to the walls as well. That is just a small part of what’s included in Restaurant Story Coffee Shop.

Features of Restaurant Story Coffee Shop

Guide to playing Restaurant Story Coffee Shop game online

On top of being able to design your own restaurant you can even customize many of the menu items to create new delicious meals that your customers will enjoy. Once you’re done making your restaurant as perfect as possible in your eyes, you can then begin to socialize with other restaurants and be able to collect various things like bonus tips from other players online.

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Perhaps the best feature of Restaurant Story Coffee Shop that the game is entirely free to play as well as the weekly content that’s being added in the updates. Now that doesn’t mean that this game doesn’t have in game purchases that allows you to buy items with real money, but this certainly is in a requirement when you’re playing Restaurant Story Coffee Shop.

If you would like to contact the developers, you can send your letters to the following address: 1000 Bridge Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 or simply contact the developers on their website at

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