Fast and Furious Legacy Reviews & Ratings – 4.5 / 5

The very popular action game that was released on the Google play store for the Fast and Furious movie series is called Fast and Furious Legacy. This game allows you to join many of the popular characters from the movie and race into the streets there various story missions that are set across all of the Fast and Furious movies.

It is your job to lead your crew against different rival teams and be able to race through different movie locations from around the world, which range from anywhere from Rio and Tokyo all the way to Los Angeles. Where the best things about Fast and Furious Legacy is that you can completely customize your ride and use it to be able to navigate through traffic on the streets and be able to avoid cops and and even go over many different jumps as you make your way through all of the different game modes.

Fast and Furious Legacy app contains many different unique features that make it a very nice racing game. You can choose to race and drive over 50 different cars which include everything from imports and classics all the way to the exotics. You can customize your rides by giving them different paint jobs as well as other things like finals and rims. As you progress through the game you will also be able to unlock boosts and different nitrous upgrades, so that hopefully you can gain a huge advantage over your opponents and take your racing game to the next level.

Fast and Furious Legacy ratings and reviews on the Google play store

Fast and Furious Legacy Reviews RatingsFast and Furious Legacy has only been out for a couple of months and it already has a huge 4.5 star out of 5 rating. This is well above average for Android games, so we take her hats off to the developers for creating a very unique and working game while still in version 1.0.5. This latest version came on April 29, 2015 where the developers made additional bug fixes and optimizations to the overall gameplay and user experience.

Users who left reviews on the Android marketplace were giving fairly mixed results still. Some users who gave the game a poor rating were saying that they completed chapter 5 of the game and won their card token but they didn’t receive an option to change the car and the car was worse than the class E car that they already had. These are just small complaints that you probably won’t have, but other complaints come in the form of a slow loading game and not being able to progress through the game without paying in game money. This user said that he spent weeks saving gold for a Pro box and all he got was a rubbish car that he already had.

Many players however left positive reviews saying that the game is very fun and addicting and that they have been racing on the streets and challenge races first six days and finds the game very challenging and fun to play. Another player said that he has been playing the game for weeks now and loves it and finds it to be a very great game, he just wishes he didn’t have to stop playing to be able to change the oil all the time, which we think is a way for the developers to try to get you to pay some money to continue playing.

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