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Hello everyone, in this article we’re going to be talking about how you can download and play the Family Farm Seaside game that FunPlus has just released for the Android Market, which is also an app that has been doing great in just the past couple weeks has picked up over 500,000 ratings from real people all around the world. This app already has a huge following from places like the United States, India and even the Philippines in towns like Quezon City.

How to download and play Family Farm Seaside for Android phones or tablets

If you’d like to download and play Family Farm Seaside on your android smart phone or tablet, you need to head over to Google play store and do a search for Family Farm Seaside, and simply click the green install button to begin downloading this game to your smart phone or tablet.

Great game for people of all ages

If you’re an adult you’re probably wondering if you’re going to enjoy this game is much as its main audience which is younger. Well if you’re fan of the Farmville games then were sure you’re going to love this game as well, if not even more because it has tons of interactive features and it’s been updated quite often to improve the content and gameplay for its fans. It’s also growing much quicker than the previous Farmville series, though the Farmville series wasn’t created by this developer.

farming simulator game online Family Farm Seaside App

Family Farm Seaside multiplayer gameplay

FunPlus, the developer responsible for Family Farm Seaside really only has one other game on the Android Market, which goes by the name of Family Barn for Tango, not nearly quite as popular as Family Farm Seaside, with only 500,000+ installs compared to the already 10 million that Family Farm Seaside has received. That’s really one of the best parts about Family Farm Seaside is a huge fan base from all around the world. The people behind creating the android app page advertising that there are already over 60 million people who have built their farm in the Family Farm Seaside world, so there will be plenty for you to do in terms of interacting with your neighbors and farmers from all around the world.

Some of the great features a Family Farm Seaside

Although Family Farm Seaside is free to play, there still tons of interactive features that make this game high budget valuable game they should deftly download and play today, if you’re looking for an app with this style of gameplay. There well over 100 achievements for you to complete, which will keep you busy for days upon weeks. There are also new missions been added frequently and even daily orders for you to fill with your farm production, so that you’re not just plain for fun, but you actually have a goal that you’re working towards with Family Farm Seaside.

Family Farm Seaside free game Family Farm Seaside multiplayer gameplay

Family Farm Seaside ratings and reviews

Family Farm Seaside has been rated like we said over 500,000 times, and over 350,000 of those ratings are five star ratings, which is more than all the other ratings combined. This app has also been reviewed by lots of people who try playing the game and neither enjoyed it or didn’t like it much. A good way to judge if the game is error bug free, is to simply flip through the latest reviews and see people are still experiencing problems. Currently there are a few people that are unable to download the game and there are even a few that said that they didn’t enjoy playing it at all.

But if we were to look beyond those few bad apples, there were tons a reviews saying that it’s a great game, and someone had even said that they would be playing this game for their whole lives.

Family Farm Seaside latest update Family Farm Seaside ratings and reviews

Family Farm Seaside latest updates

Family Farm Seaside was updated as recently as December 17, 2014. The current version of the game is at 3.0.0, and in this update the developers added what is known as the island farm. They advertise this update is being the biggest update in the history of Family Farm Seaside, and that you can now explore the new island and be able to unlock great new features that weren’t previously available. This version is also set to introduce the funny camel as well as the cute panda that all farmers should have access to. We hope you choose to download and install this game for your android device and get to playing it today because you deftly missing out if you’re into the style of games.

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