Download My Talking Tom App for Computer

How to Download My Talking Tom Game

My Talking Tom is a free mobile app available for download on the Android Market. It was developed by Outfit7 as a casual game.

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So you’re ready to start playing My Talking Tom on your computer? It’s really easy and actually pretty quick, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

  1. Go to and download their free mobile app player. Need help with downloading BlueStacks?
  2. After you open the mobile app player, run a search for My Talking Tom and open the apps page.
  3. Click the install button to begin downloading the game.
  4. Once the install is complete, you can click open to launch the game on your computer.

Download My Talking Tom App for Computer

I would not call this strictly a game. Calling it a game would take away so many things from it. My talking Tom is based on the highly popular talking tom which was so addictive all over the world.

From the critically acclaimed studio of Creative7 come my talking tom which follows tom on his journey from being a kitten to all over the world. For me this game is a virtualisation of having a pet. One gets to feed tom, pet him and see him grow old.

Talking Tom starts out with Tom as the kitten and the user who gets to take him to the bathroom, feed him, play with him and do whatever the user wishes to. For every action Talk has a very lovable and cute expression.

How to Download My Talking Tom Game

This game is highly addictive and it has enough prowess to take the gamer on a full journey of having a pet. Powered by the latest graphics engine, talking Tom has expressions for every moment which are so detailed that they look life like. This game also allows customisability of tom with a vast range of options ranging from more than 1000 types of furs to dressing options.

This game is available for download free of cost on Google’s play store, although there is an option for making in game purchases, which by the way is totally worth it.

The game currently enjoys a 4.4 star rating out of five which shows how much this game has been appreciated by users from around the world. With almost half a million downloads this game is a must play for every individual who wants to own a pet. You will not be disappointed.