Play Clumsy Ninja for free: APP download for PC

How to download and play Clumsy Ninja for PC

If you’d like to download Clumsy Ninja for PC then you will need to first install a mobile app player that lets you access the Android market.

  1. Visit and download their free mobile app player for PC. For a free guide on how to download BlueStacks, visit the link in the right side-bar.
  2. Once you have BlueStacks open, you will need to run a search for “Clumsy Ninja”
  3. Find the correct game and open it, then hit the Install button to start downloading the game.
  4. Once the game is finished downloading, simply click Open to start playing the game on your computer.

Clumsy Ninja is a fun family game that was released by NaturalMotionGames, the creators of CSR Racing and CSR Classics.

Read about the latest November 4, 2014 update from the developers for Clumsy Ninja.

This app Clumsy Ninja was last updated on April 17, 2015. In this latest update the developers made many changes to the game content such as the three new items that were added including the leafs & bounds trampoline. There also different costumes that were added for springtime such as the forest hero and the bunny hop.

Clumsy Ninja Unique Abilities, Tricks, Features & Customizations

Meet this little hapless guy and help him find his missing friend Kira! You will be amazed by Clumsy Ninja’s unique real-time reactions in terms of movement, sensing and feeling each time you interact with him!

How to Download and Play Clumsy Ninja for PC

Train him to learn new skills! He can’t wait to learn new tricks and sleezy Ninja Moves! Over 70 interactive items are available for ninja-style training, among which punch bags, trampolines and a …squirrel will provide you with hours of fun while your little clumsy ninja will get better and better at his skills! Throw him a Disc-o-matic Fires flying disc and put a smile on his face!

Clumsy Ninja family games

Every time you play this game you’ll experience unique moments while having fun at his clumsiness! You will be taken to new locations, meeting new characters and overcoming quests along the way as you will reach higher levels!

Do you want more customization? Pick and choose among several variants of ninja suits, belts and headbands for your little fellow!

Please take good care of him!

Clumsy Ninja Unique Abilities, Tricks, Features & Customizations


  • Clumsy Ninja is the first mobile touchscreen device game to use EUPHORIA Simulation Technology – this little guy is truly believable!
  • A free mobile game to play on your tablet or smartphone, this app allows in-app purchases. For safety reasons enable the “Use PIN for Purchases” option from your Google Play Account Settings.
  • Impressive graphics and realistic physics are this game’s keywords – actually if you have a good processor on your device you’ll be amazed by the ninja’s movements in REAL TIME. This game is not a bunch of cheap videos, so throw him around, pick him by his hand and enjoy the game!
  • Get tons of free in-app gifts every day!
  • The game requires Android OS 2.3 or later.
  • Clumsy Ninja is published by NaturalMotion Games