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(4.0.0) Marvel Contest of Champions Latest Update on July 8, 2015

Marvel Contest of Champions, one of the most popular Marvel action games on the Google play store is an app that was developed by the top developer known as Kabam. It has currently been selected and featured under the Editors’ Choice of games on the Android marketplace and just recently received a major update on July 8, 2015.

This latest update move the game into version 4.0.0 and provided users with five changes into the game, some being major content additions. You can head over to the Google play store page for Marvel Contest of Champions or you can simply read about the latest editions to this game down below. Read more..

Brave Frontier Game Latest Update by gumi on March 24, 2015

Brave Frontier is an action game by gumi those last updated on March 24, 2015.

In this most recent update the developers added in seven star units, new characters for you to play with. On top of that there is also a new sorting system thinking use for your units items and friends that will help you organize the game much better and be able to plan out your strategies for ahead of time.

You can also now use a multi-selection feature to help with your items selling that should help cut back on some of the time needed to be able to sell your items in the game. There also various improvements with the rating system that the developers saw fit to improve over some of the feedback they had received. Read more..

Kritika: The White Knights by GAMEVIL – March 19, 2015 Update

The game Kritika: The White Knights was developed by mobile app developing company known as GAMEVIL. GAMEVIL is a top developer on the Google play store and are best known for their role-playing style games such as Darkness Reborn, Elune Saga and Fantasy Warlord.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Kritika: The White Knights is all about, and you’re not quite ready to play it, then you should definitely check out some gameplay videos to get a good idea of what the game is about and if you would enjoy plan. Read more..

Recent update for clumsy ninja game

Updates for Clumsy Ninja APP

Clumsy Ninja is a game that is available for Android and apple via the iTunes app store. This game was developed by Natural Motion Games and released on the Google play store. The developers last updated this game on November for 2014. The latest update for Clumsy Ninja lets you pinch and zoom your photos as well, so they essentially added more interactive features that you could use on the app. This update now give fans more support for various phones and tablets that were not previously working. Read more..