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Download Prisma for PC

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Want some really cool pictures out of your ordinary smartphone? camera Prisma Labs, inc. has made it easy for this time ever since the launch of this great photo editing app Prisma that is going places all across the globe. You can easily make a simple selfie into an abstract or a real piece of art and share it with the world at the very instance.Prisma has become one of the most viral app these days and being used in millions all over the world.The result it produces are simply stunning you can resist to have you picture revamped through this app. Read more..

Play Taichi Panda Gameplay Videos for Tai Chi App

Taichi Panda is a popular role-playing game on the Google play store. It allows you to choose a character and be able to grow him in an effort to bring justice into the free to play online multiplayer adventure. This game includes lots of different features that you should definitely enjoy playing around with and the maps are full of three-dimensional environments.

This game allows you to enter a world full of different pandas, bandits and goblins and try to make your way throughout the map in an effort to try to survive and become the strongest and most powerful panda in the game. Read more..

Talking Ginger 2 gameplay videos on YouTube

Talking Ginger 2 is the sequel to Talking Ginger, a free virtual pet game from Outfit7 developers. It’s just one of their many talking pet games that you can download for free from the Android market. The original game has over 50 million installs compared to the 10 million that this new version has already collected. Some of the new features of the second edition include things like new puzzles and food that you can feed your talking cat.

Talking Ginger 2 Gameplay Review

Although the Talking Ginger app had 4.3 stars, this one has only 4.1 stars in ratings, but still got a huge majority of five-star ratings as opposed to the minute amount of people who gave it just 1 star. The newest reviews from gamers were fairly mixed however, which either means that they are complaining about nonsensical things or there are actually problems with the app. Read more..