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Download Draw Glow Cartoon for PC

Draw Glow Cartoon for PC

It’s the time to show your drawing skills in the new drawing education App Draw Glow Cartoon, which is available free on Android and iOS Appstore.The good news is that now it is available for PC with the help of third party emulator like bluestacks.All you need to use Draw Glow Cartoon for PC is to download bluestacks and follow instructions we are providing you with.Go through Some of the exciting features if you haven’t yet used the App on any other format along with the procedures how to install Draw Glow Cartoon on your windows PC or Mac.

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Download My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game for PC

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If you like to have your children to play games to be active that actually lead them to true fun and also curious about their mind being able to respond and adopt newer levels in their lives, we bring you an interesting now educational game pack in the form of My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game ,a cute game with dozens of sets of mini games in it.Even since it has launched the games goes so viral and liked among people across the glod that it has been download over 40 millions time on the playstore and its still counting.This defines the success of Tapps – Top Apps and Games which have brought up to this level of educational experience.Will going to take you the main features of the game but let us also take those along who like to play games on larger screens My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game for PC is also available though the help of third party emulators.Lets take you to the main features of the game. Read more..

How to use Coursera to learn programming online with a Windows computer

Hello computer programmers and programming enthusiasts, this is going to be an article for you on how you can download and use the Coursera application on the Google play store to help you learn programming right at home on your PC computer. While this app is available for android smartphones, it’s obviously much more easier to just downloaded and use it on your PC computer using and android emulator such as BlueStacks or the Andyroid emulator. These can both be downloaded for free and used to gain access to the Google play store right from your desktop computer to be able to download many awesome apps like Coursera and your other favorite android games. Read more..

How to download My Boo – A free virutal pet game for kids

My Boo – Your Virtual Pet is one of our favorite education games for kids. It’s been download over 10 million times and has an impressive rating of 4.2 stars from over 300,000 players on the Google play store.

My Boo includes lots of cool features that make it unique and original in its genre like 16 awesome mini-games which will keep you busy when simply taking care of your virtual pet gets a bit boring. This app was developed by Tapps and is updated quite frequently to fix any problems as well as add in new content to keep the game exciting and fresh. In the most recent November 2014 update, the developers added in 2 new mini games (Boo mix and piano Boo) as well as something called Boo of the week, which allows users to share their characters and have them featured in the game itself. Read more..

Download Duolingo Learn Languages Free on PC

Duolingo is an educational application on the android market and provides users with a free and fun way to learn languages quickly and easily.

This awesome and helpful app was developed by a top developer on the Google play store, Duolingo and even got nominated as an editors’ choice app.

You can download this app for your smart phone and even onto your computer for easy access using an android emulator, which is what we’re going to teach you in this article.

You might want to use Duolingo on your PC because it makes it more convenient and obviously you get to use a much bigger screen to take full advantage of the software. You also don’t have to worry about draining your battery life if you have access to a computer. Read more..